Robert Ryman: Creativity is a form of problem solving

In Bookforum, Arthur Danto reviews Suzanne P. Hudson’s Robert Ryman: Used Paint (October Books). “It is part of Robert Ryman’s legend that he is a self-taught artist. He moved to New York in 1952, at age twenty-two, to pursue a career in jazz. A year later, he took a job at the Museum of Modern … read more… “Robert Ryman: Creativity is a form of problem solving”


Book review: Let’s See

In bookforum, Alan Gilbert reviews Peter Schjeldahl’s new book, Let’s See: Writings on Art from the New Yorker. “What makes Schjeldahl a pleasure to read is that he loves language as much as art. ‘An utterance that sounds good isn’t always right, but one that sounds bad is invariably wrong,’ he asserts in the book’s … read more… “Book review: Let’s See”

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