Richter’s automaton paintings

Gerhard Richter’s new project, “4900 Colours,” comprises 196 square panels of 25 coloured squares that can be reconfigured in a number of variations, from one large-scale piece to multiple, smaller paintings. Richter has developed a new configuration of the panels especially for this exhibition, formed of 49 paintings of 100 squares.“In The Telegraph, Alastair Sooke … read more… “Richter’s automaton paintings”

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In Sotheby’s promo, Hirst vows to slow production

On Bloomberg Scott Reyburn reports that Damien Hirst will stop making the spin and butterfly paintings that are among his biggest sellers. “Hirst’s trademark spot paintings will still appear, though production of these and formaldehyde works will be reduced, the artist said in a video interview on Sotheby’s Web site….As was the case with Andy … read more… “In Sotheby’s promo, Hirst vows to slow production”

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Rembrandt and pals stir unlikely controversy in Gotham

“The Age of Rembrandt: Dutch Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” organized by Walter Liedtke, Curator in the Metropolitan Museum’s Department of European Paintings. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY. Through Jan. 6, 2008. In a wacky installation that reminds me of the time my ex-husband rearranged my books according to size, the … read more… “Rembrandt and pals stir unlikely controversy in Gotham”

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