“Artists have to chart their own path”

At Art21, Hrag talks to Austin Thomas about making art, being an artist, and her latest project, Art Stumbles. “After completing Pocket Utopia, a 2-year, community-based salon project in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, I’ve started organizing art walking tours called Art Stumbles. These tours offer up food for thought, refreshments and refreshing perspectives on … read more… ““Artists have to chart their own path””

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My other blog: Bushwick & Main

In July 2009 I started a blog called Sharon Butler@ Bushwick & Main to document my Artist Residency at Pocket Utopia. Since the residency ended, the Tumblr blog, which I can update from my phone, has become a photographic sketchbook–iPhone notations from my wandering art practice. At the new blog, which I will maintain concurrently … read more… “My other blog: Bushwick & Main”


So long Pocket Utopia

Today is my last day of the residency, and Pocket Utopia’s last day at 1037 Flushing Avenue, too. When Austin Thomas opened the space in 2007 as part of her social-space-creating art practice, her commitment to the project was for a two-year period, and now the time is up. As the final artist-in-residence, I feel … read more… “So long Pocket Utopia”

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A weekend in Bushwick

Don’t forget that this weekend is Bushwick Open Studios, with performances and parties in every nook and cranny. On Sunday afternoon, look for me lurking at Pocket Utopia which has just mounted the final show before the gallery closes at the end of July. Since the Open Studios event started in 2007, the number of … read more… “A weekend in Bushwick”


Twitter notes

Kevin Regan in his studio. Photo by Mimi Luse Kevin Regan profile at Bushwickbk.com http://bit.ly/17tPTo about 9 hours ago Austin Thomas “Practice Space” opens at Kris Graves tomorrow. http://bit.ly/nyOLi 13 hours ago (Update: Opening is TODAY–I’ll be there.) Austin Thomas, “Japanese Temple Sketch,” 2009, collage on paper, 11 × 8 1/2 inches. Courtesy of Kris … read more… “Twitter notes”

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Pocket Utopia Salon report: Moving beyond ObamArt

After suffering through eight years of dangerously misguided Bush administration policies, we all heaved a sigh of relief when Barack Obama was sworn in as the forty-fourth president of the United States. That Bush’s presidency dragged the nation into peril and disrepute certainly made the American people eager for a new administration. But it was … read more… “Pocket Utopia Salon report: Moving beyond ObamArt”


Studio update: January Residency at Pocket Utopia

I spent the week-long residency creating circle charts, which represent the point in my work where words and images intersect. On Sunday, January 18, Austin and I led a think tank/salon where we talked about the meaning of Obamart, art blogging and world-making. The experiences yielded plenty of raw material for both new paintings and … read more… “Studio update: January Residency at Pocket Utopia”


Andy Piedilato in Bushwick

Settling in to Bushwick yesterday, I stopped by English Kills to see Andy Piedilato’s paintings. The most obvious thing to report is that the paintings are really, really big (144″ x 138″). Let’s face it, you have to admire an emerging artist who works at this kind of ambitious scale while the market dissolves around … read more… “Andy Piedilato in Bushwick”


Residency at Pocket Utopia this week, Habitat for Artists goes indoors

I’ll be setting up shop at Pocket Utopia in Bushwick this week if anyone wants to stop by. Here are the topics I’d like to discuss: politics in art (health care? environment? race? Did you read The Atlantic this month?), building communities with Wikipedia (warning: this is my new obsession. Read the article on Wiki-government … read more… “Residency at Pocket Utopia this week, Habitat for Artists goes indoors”

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Art Blogger Think Tank on January 18 in Brooklyn, NY

Austin Thomas and I are planning to have a Blogger Conference/Think Tank/Pre-Inauguration Party at Pocket Utopia (Brooklyn, NY) on Sunday, January 18 at 4pm. Bloggers: Save the date, and please post it on your blogs. With the long-awaited changing of the guard, we have plenty to discuss. Will the despondent installations of the Bush years … read more… “Art Blogger Think Tank on January 18 in Brooklyn, NY”