Disagreeing with Charlie Finch

Jules de Balincourt, “Holy Arab,” 2007, oil on panel, 34x 34” Louis Cameron, “African-American Unity Flag (after Vincent W Paramore),” 2009, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 60″ Wendy White, “Dotte,”2010, acrylic on canvas, 82 1/4 x 96” Marlene Dumas, “Charity,” 2010, oil on linen, 43-1/4 x 50-5/8″ Charlie Finch chewed out painters at artnet last … read more… “Disagreeing with Charlie Finch”


Critic on critic: Charlie Finch vs. Dave Hickey

At artnet Charlie Finch beats down Dave Hickey, whose recent SVA lecture, “The Good Ennui,” has been circulated online via the James Kalm Report. (SVA has asked that the video be removed, so click over and watch it now, just in case.) “Watching a video of another ridiculous lecture by Dave Hickey at SVA, one … read more… “Critic on critic: Charlie Finch vs. Dave Hickey”


Congratulations to all the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipients!

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner in the studio, 1949. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, now starting its 25th year of grant-making, has announced 125 grants totaling $2,093,140 to individual artists and arts organizations for fiscal 2008-09 (that’s an average of about $16,000). Grants are awarded to professional visual artists from around the world, based on dual criteria … read more… “Congratulations to all the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipients!”

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Michael Jackson’s favorite painter: David Nordahl

David Nordahl, “Geronimo Waiting For the Dawn,” 2007. 36″ x 46″ oil on canvas. According to Artnet, this painting sold for $46,000 at the 2009 Coeur D’Alene Art Auction. In February 1988 Michael Jackson called Santa Fe artist David Nordahl to inquire about painting lessons. Apparently, while visiting Steven Spielberg, Jackson had seen Nordahl’s painting … read more… “Michael Jackson’s favorite painter: David Nordahl”


Donald Kuspit’s four kinds of realism

Donald Kuspit, considering Steven Assael’s paintings at Forum Gallery, writes about realism at artnet: “It seems to me that there are at least four kinds of realism (no less): (1) naïve or observational realism, which assumes that the world is what it appears to be, that is, that reality is a matter of appearances, or … read more… “Donald Kuspit’s four kinds of realism”

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Charlie Finch on Kathleen Gilje’s 96 breasts

“I stopped by Francis Naumann’s 57th Street gallery last week to watch Kathleen Gilje install her altered series of 48 female portraits by John Singer Sargent, women that Kathleen has undressed and given the breasts of 48 living women….Now, with a brace of breasts, Kathleen seeks to have us open our mouths and drink from … read more… “Charlie Finch on Kathleen Gilje’s 96 breasts”


Charlie Finch on Yusavage and Rothenberg: The not-so-innocent girl child vs. the older woman who has actually lived

At artnet Charlie Finch compares new work by Lisa Yuskavage and Susan Rothenberg. “Echoing Inka Essenhigh‘s controversial use of unicorns and other fantasias in her recent work, Yuskavage has sunk her erotic smurfs into a lime green never-never land that veers a little too close to the juvenile tastes of Michael Jackson’s Ranch Art collection, … read more… “Charlie Finch on Yusavage and Rothenberg: The not-so-innocent girl child vs. the older woman who has actually lived”

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“I’m like some demented duckling stuck on this island”

Via artnet: “Another month, another art critic shown the door by a major paper. This time it’s Regina Hackett, longtime correspondent for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A representative of Hearst Newspapers swung by the paper’s office Friday, Jan. 9, 2009, to tell the staff that, ‘Journalism is a fabulous profession, but it is a business,’ and … read more… ““I’m like some demented duckling stuck on this island””

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Andy Piedilato in Bushwick

Settling in to Bushwick yesterday, I stopped by English Kills to see Andy Piedilato’s paintings. The most obvious thing to report is that the paintings are really, really big (144″ x 138″). Let’s face it, you have to admire an emerging artist who works at this kind of ambitious scale while the market dissolves around … read more… “Andy Piedilato in Bushwick”


Measuring Marlene Dumas

Roberta Smith on Marlene Dumas: “The consistency of this show suggests an artist who settled too early into a style that needs further development. Stasis is disguised by shifting among various charged subjects that communicate gravity in shorthand. Ms. Dumas’s painting is only superficially painterly. The photographic infrastructure is usually too close to the surface, … read more… “Measuring Marlene Dumas”