Torsten Slama in Houston

Torsten Slama, “Walt Whitman Memorial Refinery/Walt-Whitman-Gedenk-Raffinerie,” 2005, India ink on illustration board, 28 x 40 inches. Collection Beth Rudin de Woody, New York Rebecca Cochran reports in ArtForum that Berlin-based artist Torsten Slama’s first museum show features an unnerving postapocalyptic world. “Part science fiction, part prophecy, his desolate landscape paintings and drawings depict a sinister, … read more… “Torsten Slama in Houston”

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Amy Sillman’s zine

Amy Sillman, “Platypus,” 2009, oil on canvas, 85 x 90 1/2″. In ArtForum Joanna Fiduccia reports that during Amy Sillman’s residency in Berlin, she produced a zine that included images plus text excerpted from writing by David Joselit, Ad Reinhardt, and Francis Ponge. In addition, she included a section of notes, diagrams and text she … read more… “Amy Sillman’s zine”

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Jim Isermann’s squareness

In ArtForum this month, Annie Buckley picks Jim Isermann’s elegant psychedelic paintings, which have graced the walls, floors, and ceilings of galleries, hotels, universities, stores, and museums over the past twenty-five years. “Using vinyl, plastic, linoleum, and—perhaps most memorably—a product called Put-in-Cups, Isermann culls and amplifies the basic principles of visual art: color, pattern, and … read more… “Jim Isermann’s squareness”

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Matthew Fisher: Civil War troops and high school marching bands

In ArtForum Joseph R. Wolin reports that Matthew Fisher loves a man in a uniform. “His faux-naïf paintings depict soldiers dressed in fanciful costumes and arranged in elaborate tableaux, as if staging narrative allegories. Yet, for all their folk-art charm, their import remains obscure. What might the artist intend, for instance, by the five stiffly … read more… “Matthew Fisher: Civil War troops and high school marching bands”

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Serban Savu: Ruins of a recent future

David Nolan features work by Serban Savu this month. Savu, part of a group of artists from Cluj, schooled in the tradition of Social Realism, grew up during the 1989 overturn of the Communist regime. He is one of the few painters from this group who still lives and works in Romania as it transitions … read more… “Serban Savu: Ruins of a recent future”

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CoBrA: The filter of nostalgia ultimately defangs the beast

In ArtForum Karen Kurczynski reviews three recent sixtieth-anniversary exhibitions dedicated to CoBrA, at the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique in Brussels (where the new Two Coats of Paint header photograph was taken), the CoBrA Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Amstelveen, and the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. “Formed in Paris in 1948, Cobra connected an international … read more… “CoBrA: The filter of nostalgia ultimately defangs the beast”

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Anders Oinonen: An intuitive society of forms

In Artforum, critic Sean Carrol singles out Anders Oinonen’s show at Houston’s CTRL Gallery this month. When I was in Miami last year, Oinonen’s work stood out for it’s easygoing oddness; it’s good to see him get an endorsement. “Bewilderment and tension give way to calm and understanding when looking at Toronto-based painter Anders Oinonen’s … read more… “Anders Oinonen: An intuitive society of forms”

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Nicole Eisenman in Berlin

In ArtForum, Nicole Eisenman talks to Brian Sholis about her new work. “During the past fifteen years,” Sholis writes, “New York-based Eisenman has created a self-aware and psychologically probing body of work that includes installations, animations, drawings, and, with increasing focus, paintings. ‘I made the paintings in this exhibition throughout the past year, gravitating, as … read more… “Nicole Eisenman in Berlin”

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Art criticism crit: Paddy Johnson on Tim Griffin

Paddy Johnson at Art Fag City writes that ArtForum’s Editor in Chief Tim Griffin “offers up more art speak and over quoted scholarship in the first paragraph of this month’s Editor’s Letter, than should ever be necessary in a 1000 word summary of what’s in the magazine. ‘A corollary of Marshall McLuhan’s famous adage that … read more… “Art criticism crit: Paddy Johnson on Tim Griffin”

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Mie Olise Kjærgaard perches in Houston

London-based Mie Olise Kjærgaard, born in 1974 in Denmark, is a finalist for the 2008 John Moores Painting Prize and will be participating in the International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York next year. In the summer issue of ArtForum critic Garland Fielder has recommended her exhibition in Houston, which closes on Saturday. “Kjærgaard … read more… “Mie Olise Kjærgaard perches in Houston”

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