Two Coats urges mothers to apply for art reality show

In late June on Art21, I wrote about the upcoming art reality show that Sarah Jessica Parker and Magical Elves are producing for Bravo, and, as if by magic, casting was announced the following week. I’m sure the usual suspects will apply, but I’m urging older artists, particularly mothers, to take a shot at it. … read more… “Two Coats urges mothers to apply for art reality show”

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Painter Mira Schor edits a collection of Jack Tworkov’s writing

I wrote another guest post for Art21 last week about Jack Tworkov’s new collection of writing. I’m just getting around to posting it on Two Coats. Sorry for the delay. Here’s an excerpt. “Owing to its timeless insights about artmaking and life, art teachers traditionally assign Ashcan School painter Robert Henri’s 1923 collection of writing, … read more… “Painter Mira Schor edits a collection of Jack Tworkov’s writing”

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Revisiting the archives

In celebration of the Smithsonian Archive’s effort to put more artists’ archives online, and the release of The Tower Paintings: Keeping Our Distance (Two Coats of Paint’s first ink-on-paper publishing project) my new guest post at Art21 features images of observation towers and a journal excerpt from my own own stash of ephemera. Check out … read more… “Revisiting the archives”

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New post at Art21: Art Reality TV

No matter how hard I try, avoiding reality TV is a challenge. The shows are like invasive kudzu: Nanny 911, Extreme Makeover, The Housewives of New Jersey, Jon & Kate, The Price of Beauty, COPS, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and many, many more. This fall I’ll be avoiding American Artist, Sarah … read more… “New post at Art21: Art Reality TV”

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Guest blogger post at Art21: Whatever became of…

Mel Bochner’s new book, Solar System & Rest Rooms: Writings and Interviews, 1965–2007, is a compilation of his writing, both about art and as art. The book opens with thirty-five sharp, pithy reviews he wrote for Arts Magazine in the sixties. The editor paid $2.50 per review whether they were published or not, so Bochner … read more… “Guest blogger post at Art21: Whatever became of…”

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Guest Blogger at Art21

Posts may slow down at Two Coats for the next two weeks while I’m Guest Blogging at Art21. My first post, inspired by Mel Bochner’s new book, Solar System & Rest Rooms: Writings and Interviews, 1965–2007, should be up sometime today. Art21produces the Peabody-winning PBS series Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century, as well as books, … read more… “Guest Blogger at Art21”

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Art21 awarded 2009 NEA grants

Art21 was awarded $100,000 to support development of educational activities and online resources for Art:21 Art in the Twenty-First Century, the public television series about contemporary visual art that presents intimate profiles of America’s artists and the contexts in which they work. They also received a $120,000 grant to support the show’s fifth season, which … read more… “Art21 awarded 2009 NEA grants”

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Me-me-me careerism vs. the new generosity

As the Guest Blogger at ART:21 today, I take a look at a few artists who embody the pragmatism and ingenuity of the new Obama administration. “Artists who garner the most attention in any given time period are those whose work, explicitly or implicitly, reflects the deeper political sensibilities of the era. Right now, contemporary … read more… “Me-me-me careerism vs. the new generosity”

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Micchelli: How art can effect political change

At Art:21 Blog, the Flash Points guest blogger series is focusing on art and politics this month. Today, Brooklyn Rail writer/editor Tom Micchelli, after seeing a performance of The Investigation, a 1966 documentary drama by Peter Weiss (1916-1982), considers how art can effect political change. “The question implies an integral, activist role within a progressive … read more… “Micchelli: How art can effect political change”

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