Measuring Marlene Dumas

Roberta Smith on Marlene Dumas: “The consistency of this show suggests an artist who settled too early into a style that needs further development. Stasis is disguised by shifting among various charged subjects that communicate gravity in shorthand. Ms. Dumas’s painting is only superficially painterly. The photographic infrastructure is usually too close to the surface, … read more… “Measuring Marlene Dumas”


Julia Jacquette: “I’m a sucker for house porn”

Ariella Budick reports that Jacquette bases her virtuosically executed paintings on photographs from glossy shelter magazines. “Chandeliers glitter, massive gilt mirrors festoon palatial bathrooms and crystal decanters cast dappled reflections across silver trays. With their voluptuous sheen and creamy glow, the canvases reproduce that sense of money. ‘I’m creating a collection of luxurious homes for … read more… “Julia Jacquette: “I’m a sucker for house porn””

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Proto-Bohemian Gustave Courbet arrives at the Metropolitan

Courbet would be glad to know that everyone’s still talking about him. In the NYTimes, Roberta Smith writes that Courbet only grudgingly accepted the title of Realist. “Even in front of his most realistic work, you often find yourself wrestling not so much with lived reality, as with the sheer — very real — uncanniness … read more… “Proto-Bohemian Gustave Courbet arrives at the Metropolitan”

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Yvonne Jacquette: night owl

“Under New York Skies: Nocturnes by Yvonne Jacquette,” Museum of the City of New York, New York, NY. Through May 4. For 30 years, Yvonne Jacquette has made night paintings from aerial vantage points of such cities as San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Hong Kong, and Tokyo—along with bird’s-eye views of Maine and Midwestern farmland—but her … read more… “Yvonne Jacquette: night owl”

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Joan Linder: sloppy spontaneity meets obsessive precision

“Of Bodies and Buildings: Drawings by Joan Linder,” Anthony Giordano Gallery, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY. Through Dec. 9. Check out Linder’s website. “In culture hyper-saturated by electronic imagery I use the traditional materials of a quill pen and a bottle of ink to create large-scale images that persist in exploring and claiming the sub-technological process … read more… “Joan Linder: sloppy spontaneity meets obsessive precision”

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Kara Walker’s racy cutouts arrive at the Whitney

“Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love,” organized by Philippe Vergne and Yasmil Raymond, both from the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN. Whitney Museum of American Art, , New York, NY. Through Feb. 3. UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA March 2 to June 8, 2008. “It’s interesting that as soon as … read more… “Kara Walker’s racy cutouts arrive at the Whitney”

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Samira Abbassay: mythology as autobiography

“Samira Abbassy: Cultural Convergences,” Anthony Giordano Gallery at Downing College, Oakdale, NY. Through Oct. 14. Ancient tales from Greek mythology, the Bible and the Quran provide the content for Iranian-born Samira Abbassay’s paintings. Ariella Budick reports in Newsday: “Some people dig strenuously into their psyches to find themselves, mining their dreams, tunneling through memory. Samira … read more… “Samira Abbassay: mythology as autobiography”

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Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel

Leslie Camhi in the Village Voice: “Zigzagging between figuration and abstraction, his disparate oeuvre is filled with conceptual antics, optical pleasures, and abject traces of his melancholy presence…. At times visually dazzling, his work is also strangely off-putting—flirting on the one hand with decay, and on the other with pure decoration….There’s an emperor’s-new-clothes-ish quality to … read more… “Wrangling over Rudolf Stingel”

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