MoMA hires Ann Temkin as Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture

In the NYTimes, Carol Vogel reports that the Museum of Modern Art has chosen one of its own curators, Ann Temkin, to succeed John Elderfield, who retired as chief curator of painting and sculpture in July. “Ms. Temkin said that one of her priorities would be to ‘change our viewers’ experience in many ways,’ especially … read more… “MoMA hires Ann Temkin as Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture”

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Readymade color at MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art’s “Color Chart”explores what happens when contemporary artists assign color decisions to chance, readymade source, or arbitrary system. Midway through the twentieth century, long-held convictions regarding the spiritual truth or scientific validity of particular colors gave way to an excitement about color as a mass-produced and standardized commercial product. In the … read more… “Readymade color at MoMA”

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