Warhol at the Whitney: A provocateur for all seasons

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / There are certainly strong generational reasons for the Whitney to mount “Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again,” its penetrating current retrospective. It goes almost without saying that Warhol changed art history by melding the commercial and the “fine,” and, in his energized aesthetic embrace of the whole … read more… “Warhol at the Whitney: A provocateur for all seasons”


Supporting Warhol’s Time Capsule project

Remember Andy Warhol’s “Time Capsules?” This serial work, spanning a thirty-year period from the early 1960s to the late 1980s, consists of 610 standard sized cardboard boxes, which Warhol, beginning in 1974, filled, sealed and sent to storage. Warhol used these boxes to manage a bewildering quantity of material that routinely passed through his life. … read more… “Supporting Warhol’s Time Capsule project”

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“All power to the hardboiled intellect”

Peter Schjeldahl writes about the Color Chart show at MoMA: “Predominant are attitudes of ironic detachment that derive from Marcel Duchamp, whose rebuslike canvas of 1918, “Tu m’,” with its represented commercial color samples, begins the show. Is it outlandish—a reductio ad absurdum of the Duchampian, even—to regard color, the most emotionally affecting of visual … read more… ““All power to the hardboiled intellect””

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What’s in Warhol’s time capsules

In the Telegraph, Warhol Museum archivist Matt Wrbican reveals that, of the 610 capsules, only 19 have been fully cataloged; 91 have been inventoried; and 40 or so have been peeked into, with notes made of their more interesting contents. All the rest are still unopened, kept in the vast, climate-controlled storage room. Thanks to … read more… “What’s in Warhol’s time capsules”

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Portraiture in Pop

“Pop Art Portraits,” curated by Paul Moorhouse. National Portrait Gallery, London. Through Jan. 20. PAP examines the role and significance of portraiture within Pop Art. Marilyn Monroe is a featured player. Artists include Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, David Hockney and Patrick Caulfield. In The Observer, Tim Adams … read more… “Portraiture in Pop”

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August travel tip: Warhol outpost in Slovakia

Stephanie MacLellan reports in the Toronto Star: “When Andy Warhol thought about his 15 minutes of fame, he probably didn’t expect any of them would be spent in this one-street town of less than 7,000 people in the northeastern corner of Slovakia. Yet there he is, multiplied in six different colours, larger than life on … read more… “August travel tip: Warhol outpost in Slovakia”

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Warhol vs. Banksy: celebrity, satire and voyeurism

“Warhol Vs Banksy,” The Hospital, London. Through Sept. 1. Louise Jury in the Evening Standard reports: “Duncan Cargill, The Hospital’s creative director, said: ‘Implicitly, Warhol is defending his title, but Banksy makes for a formidable challenger as he has received maximum exposure since 2000. As soon as we announced we were going to do this … read more… “Warhol vs. Banksy: celebrity, satire and voyeurism”

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Donald and Doris Fisher propose new SF museum for their collection of contemporary art

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Kenneth Baker reports: “San Francisco’s stature as a cultural destination and hub of new art scholarship will jump dramatically if Gap founders Donald and Doris Fisher get their wish to build a museum for their collection of modern and contemporary art on the Presidio grounds. Containing more than a thousand … read more… “Donald and Doris Fisher propose new SF museum for their collection of contemporary art”

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Personal Jesus: worshiping Warhol and Haring together

Kurt Shaw reports in the Pittsbrugh Tribune-Review: ” There is a kind of poetic logic in the fact that Warhol and Haring created religiously inspired works at the end of their careers. Haring owned one of Warhol’s Last Supper paintings, and Warhol collaborated with Haring on more than one occasion. But the intertwining of the … read more… “Personal Jesus: worshiping Warhol and Haring together”

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