Lois Dodd: Like a house on fire

Alexandre Gallery presents six recent large-scale paintings that octogenarian Lois Dodd painted during the final years of the Bush Presidency. Each depicts the image of a rural house set fully ablaze; bright orange, red and yellow flames with billowing smoke engulf the house that will surely burn to the ground. In two paintings a stream … read more… “Lois Dodd: Like a house on fire”

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Gregory Amenoff: Radiant little pictures

In the NY Times Ken Johnson reviews Gregory Amenoff’s show at Alexandre. “In most of Mr. Amenoff’s easel-scale pictures, a large, mysterious form — botanical, geological or geometric — looms close against a distant vista. Color and contrasts of light and dark are pumped up to melodramatic effect. It’s as though you were seeing through … read more… “Gregory Amenoff: Radiant little pictures”

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“It’s such a kick, seeing things…that’s where it starts”

Alexandre Gallery sent me a link to a thoughtful video interview of Lois Dodd in her studio. Dodd talks about the painting process, why she paints what she sees, and how she survived for so long without a day job. Taped in Dodd’s New York studio by Bill Maynes, January 2007. “Lois Dodd: Landscapes and … read more… ““It’s such a kick, seeing things…that’s where it starts””

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Berthot and Dodd: Compare and contrast

“Both artists engage in a significant degree of abstraction within their realism in the sense of excluding extraneous detail and homing in on what they take to be essences,” declares David Cohen in the NY Sun. “But with Ms. Dodd, the essence is always linked to stuff that is actually observed, to sensations experienced. With … read more… “Berthot and Dodd: Compare and contrast”

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Tracking proto-feminist Loren MacIver

Check out my article about Loren MacIver in The Brooklyn Rail’s March issue.“In my first college painting course, which I took several years after completing an art history degree, my teacher Arnold Trachtman said that my painting of the bathroom sink reminded him of Loren MacIver’s work. I had no idea who she was, and … read more… “Tracking proto-feminist Loren MacIver”

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NYTimes Art in Review: Loren MacIver

I spent the day yesterday in the MoMA archives researching a story about Loren MacIver for the March issue of The Brooklyn Rail, so I’m pleased to see that Holland Cotter reviews MacIver’s current show at the Alexandre Gallery today. MacIver, a self-taught painter who lived in NYC with poet and soulmate Lloyd Frankenberg, died … read more… “NYTimes Art in Review: Loren MacIver”

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