Alex Katz on supersizing

In The Brooklyn Rail, Phong Bui talks with Alex Katz about his paintings and process. In this excerpt, Katz explains his early decision to scale up. “When I started to paint directly from nature, the paintings were focused behind my head. Somehow I understood how to put paint in focus just instinctively. Also, it may … read more… “Alex Katz on supersizing”

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NY Times Art in Review: Powhida, Katz, Minter

“WILLIAM POWHIDA: The Writing Is on the Wall,” Schroeder-Romero, New York, NY. Through May 16 Holland Cotter: William Powhida, art world vigilante, virtuoso draftsman, compulsive calligrapher, fantasist autobiographer and recently self-announced gallery owner and art dealer, has a semi-solo show at Schroeder-Romero well worth catching. As in the past, Mr. Powhida, who lives and works … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Powhida, Katz, Minter”

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Alex Katz’s “delicate craquelure”

In my little attic workroom, progress continues on a series of small paintings I started this past summer in Beacon, NY. While squeezing the ivory black onto my palette this morning, I kept thinking about “Swamp Maple,” a 1968 painting by Alex Katz (image above) that I saw at the National Gallery last week. Everywhere … read more… “Alex Katz’s “delicate craquelure””


Ada and Alex Katz donate paintings from their collection to Colby College Museum of Art

David Cohen reports in The New York Sun: “In 2004, Alex Katz, who turns 80 next week, launched a foundation to collect contemporary art. This is something he and his wife, Ada, had been doing for some years, presenting works, for instance, to the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine, and the Pennsylvania Academy of … read more… “Ada and Alex Katz donate paintings from their collection to Colby College Museum of Art”

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