Zach Seeger’s surveillance

I asked Zach Seeger, artist and co-director of This Friday Or Next Friday, a small gallery space in DUMBO, why he paints eyes. “I began painting the eye paintings following a series of collages that were inspired by the threat (real or imagined) of an all formatting eye: the eye of surveillance which serves as omnipresent … read more… “Zach Seeger’s surveillance”

Paige Beeber: Transient future

Contributed by Zach Seeger / The novel coronavirus has prompted a slowdown in global commerce. While temporary, it comes at a time of overarching uncertainty in the global art market, with political instability, climate change, and non-Amazon retail suffering. How will artists respond to a shifting world that requires adaptation, especially given that Instagram and … read more… “Paige Beeber: Transient future”

Essex Flowers: Waiting to be activated

It saved me once too often,You’d never know how often.I’ve pictured you in coffins:My baby in a coffin.But I love it when you blink your eyes. — Distortions, by Clinic Contributed by Zach Seeger / How do we know we’re still alive? Reverse Marie Kondo: the accumulation of our stuff; at least this was how … read more… “Essex Flowers: Waiting to be activated”

Andrew Woolbright: Shrinebeasts

Contributed by Zach Seeger / In Andrew Woolbright’s current show “Expresso Your Depresso,” at ADA Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, the artist creates a series of mixed media pieces that fill the space with exuberant painting and billowing melancholy. Reminiscent of the imagined ghost ships of Fellini’s Juliette of the Spirits, Woolbright’s paintings are amalgams of the untethered, ribbony … read more… “Andrew Woolbright: Shrinebeasts”

Dana Schutz, jogging alongside the train wreck

Contributed by Zach Seeger / In her new work on view at Petzel through February 23, Dana Schutz finds herself wielding the brush of post recession rapture painting, a condition of exhaustive, Beckett-like inevitability where the steady drip of bad news informs our social media feeds. She imagines the world outside her studio, empathizing with the toilers of pathological banality while depicting … read more… “Dana Schutz, jogging alongside the train wreck”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / September 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Last fall, there was a dearth of solo exhibitions by female painters. This September, a slew of seasoned women have mounted terrific shows. They include Katherine Bradford, Jane Fine (image at top), Elena Sisto, Kyle Staver, Barbara Takenaga, Charline von Heyl, and more. I’ve put together a list of some worthwhile September painting shows, … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / September 2018”

Bushwick Open Studios 2017, Part 2

Contributed by Katie Fuller / Last weekend, Bushwick Open Studios did not disappoint. The mood was uplifting and the studios were full of artistic spirit. I found myself drawn to works with an unequivocal freedom of gesture, and to those that carefully balanced adolescent verve with more seasoned cynicism. I also noticed many artists creating illusionary surfaces with unconventional materials, while … read more… “Bushwick Open Studios 2017, Part 2”

Sculptural objects around town

The return of the sculptural object that was highlighted so beautifully in “Greater New York” at MoMA PS1 continues this month in many of the galleries. Some pieces are freestanding, others wall-mounted, and most refer to the sculptural tradition (rather than painting) for meaning. Even Frank Stella, whose tightly-hung solo is on view at the … read more… “Sculptural objects around town”

Invitation: “Sharon Butler: New Paintings” opens Friday, January 8, at Theodore:Art

UPDATE: The show has been extended through February 21, 2016. Images of the paintings on view are available here. Big thanks to all the critics who have responded to the show: Enrico Gomez, “Sharon Butler,” WagMag, February 10, 2016. Patrick Neal, “Philosophical Paintings that Bare Their Process,” Hyperallergic, February 5, 2016. Benjamin Riley, “The Critic’s … read more… “Invitation: “Sharon Butler: New Paintings” opens Friday, January 8, at Theodore:Art”