Fiction: Consummate Saturday [Paul D’Agostino]

“Consummate Saturday” A short story by Paul Da’Agostino Mina’s fourth and final bout of existence-racking pre-febrile dry heaves terminated at 4:37 on Saturday morning amid the mildew stains, strewn magazines and pubic squalor that adorned Davis’s loathsomely uncivil shared bathroom in a three-bedroom flat. Her supposedly latent and as-yet-undefined illness blossomed into dreadful self-realization no … read more… “Fiction: Consummate Saturday [Paul D’Agostino]”

Paul D’Agostino: Fear and Loathing in Purgatory

Like an eccentric Brooklyn character in a Paul Auster novel, Paul D’Agostino – writer, curator, Italian literature scholar, and resolute insomniac – thinks in the cadences of Dante. In his exhibition “Twilit Ensembles” at Pocket Utopia, he combines jangled fictional cartoon narratives inspired by paint splatters on the studio floor with spare, elegant wall-mounted sculptures … read more… “Paul D’Agostino: Fear and Loathing in Purgatory”

Paul D’Agostino’s pictorial discursiveness

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Given the demonstrated capability, energy, and ambition of Bushwick artist, gallerist, and all-purpose cultural maven Paul D’Agostino, that he would invent his own visual alphabet – as he has for his new show of paintings “Scriptive Formalities” at Life on Mars – isn’t surprising. A Ph.D. in Italian literature and … read more… “Paul D’Agostino’s pictorial discursiveness”

Quick study

This week: Resistance activities, some Blouin Artinfo gossip, RIP John Berger, two art historians try to stop a museum from sending a painting to the Trump Inauguration, Carroll Dunham on Kerry James Marshall, openings in Chelsea tonight, and Paul D’Agostino asks artists which  exhibitions they’re eager to see.

Invitation: “Sharon Butler: New Paintings” opens Friday, January 8, at Theodore:Art

UPDATE: The show has been extended through February 21, 2016. Images of the paintings on view are available here. Big thanks to all the critics who have responded to the show: Enrico Gomez, “Sharon Butler,” WagMag, February 10, 2016. Patrick Neal, “Philosophical Paintings that Bare Their Process,” Hyperallergic, February 5, 2016. Benjamin Riley, “The Critic’s … read more… “Invitation: “Sharon Butler: New Paintings” opens Friday, January 8, at Theodore:Art”

Quick study

Today’s links concern MFA dreams of superstardom and tenured teaching jobs, disappointing public spaces, under-recognized artists, great Brooklyn shows from 2015, a residency project at Matteawan, and Nancy Spector’s move to the Brooklyn Museum. [Image at top:  Kerry James Marshall, Above the Line, Adjacent to the High Line at West 22nd Street. On view through … read more… “Quick study”

Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I

My favorite artists to follow on Instagram are those who post regularly and whose feeds include more than images of their art work. Photos of other artists’ exhibitions, amusing pictures from daily life (the day job!), documentation of studio progress (and failure), and vacation snaps all reveal what goes on inside an artist’s head–how he/she … read more… “Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I”

Gratitude, Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015

Last 2014 snap from the studio in LIC. Happy New Year! I recently read an article (thanks to Sharon Louden for bringing my attention to it on Twitter) that suggested the most common mistake artists make is forgetting to thank the people who have helped them. Thus, my first task of 2015 is to thank … read more… “Gratitude, Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015”

Weekend Pick: Exchange Rates in Bushwick

Expect to see an influx of Brits and other non-New Yorkers in Bushwick this weekend for Exchange Rates, also known as The Bushwick Expo, an artist-driven gallery exchange and collaboration between Bushwick galleries and artist-run initiatives from Europe and the Pacific Northwest. Conceived by Stephanie Theodore, Paul D’Agostino and Sluice_, Exchange Rates exhibitions will be … read more… “Weekend Pick: Exchange Rates in Bushwick”