Marjorie Welish: Procedural difference, conceptual consequence

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Followers of post-election news coverage, despairing over rampant voter suppression, are bereft over the Electoral College electors’ unwillingness to cast their votes for the sane candidate who overwhelmingly won the popular vote. The vocal majority, fretting about what to expect after the inauguration of an undisciplined kleptocrat as the 45th president of the United States, will recognize their heartache in … read more… “Marjorie Welish: Procedural difference, conceptual consequence”

Marjorie Welish on Leslie Roberts at Minus Space

Contributed by Marjorie Welish / American artists may over-esteem the vernacular as the only true democratic mode. But occasionally a vernacular mythopoesis really inspires a good body of art. Leslie Roberts is a scavenger of found lexicons—code-able idioms in daily use on commonplace themes. From such source data she transcribes letters into colored graphic marks, then charts these across and … read more… “Marjorie Welish on Leslie Roberts at Minus Space”

Marjorie Welish and James Siena: Doing and undoing

Oaths? Questions? First spread of a collaborative book by Marjorie Welish and James Siena.    Oaths? Questions? Second spread.    Oaths? Questions? Third spread.   Oaths? Questions? Seventh spread. In Art on Paper Frances Richard reviews Oaths? Questions?— a book collaboration between Marjorie Welish and James Siena. “The first page is blank, but not empty. … read more… “Marjorie Welish and James Siena: Doing and undoing”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: March 2020

This week the art fairs settle into their New York cubicles. Galleries, of course, also have a robust slate of offerings, which might be a welcome refuge especially for Warren and Sanders supporters who are licking their wounds after Super Tuesday and trying to wrap their minds around a general election featuring Uncle Joe and … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: March 2020”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: February 2020

Greetings from the Penn State School of Visual Arts in State College, Pennsylvania, where I’ve been invited to give a lecture as part of the John A. Anderson Endowed Lecture Series on Tuesday, February 11, at 11:30. If you’re in the area, the talk takes place in in the Lipton Auditorium at the Palmer Museum … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: February 2020”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: January 2020

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Wake up everyone, the holidays are over! Get back to work! Go out and see some shows! This month, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, a few galleries seem to be on winter hiatus, but we have plenty of options nonetheless. Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper, Susan Rothenberg at Sperone Westwater, … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: January 2020”

Roy Dowell and Richard Kalina: Standing their ground

Contributed by Marjorie Welish / “Synchronicity: A State of Painting” an exhibition featuring work by Roy Dowell and Richard Kalina, on view at Lennon, Weinberg through December 23, demonstrates that two artists standing their aesthetic ground can produce an uncommonly interesting pairing and debate. Though these two artists both have a schematic approach, their diagrammatic abstractions are situated in … read more… “Roy Dowell and Richard Kalina: Standing their ground”

Effects of chance: A conversation with Emily Berger

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Brooklyn painter Emily Berger is a masterful scumbler, dragging brushes of dry paint across panels to create scratchy horizontal bands of color. The wood grain of the panel peeks through, creating a sense of immediacy and improvisation. In her new work, the paint is thinly applied, and I get the sense that there aren’t any second … read more… “Effects of chance: A conversation with Emily Berger”

Fernanda Fragateiro: Commemorative abstraction

Contributed by Marjorie Welish / The clearest innovation of Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro’s poignant exhibition, on view at Josée Bienvenu through November 4, is the enlistment of industrial design to draw attention to women’s contributions to the arts. Custom-made acrylic boxes containing books hang from the gallery wall here and there. Metal shelving supports an homage … read more… “Fernanda Fragateiro: Commemorative abstraction”

Rafaël Rozendaal: Post-internet giddy

Contributed by Marjorie Welish / Rafaël Rozendaal‘s “Anti-Social” is polyglot, and speaks all at once. Stretched on a support for canvas is a Jacquard textile that professes both web information and an intuitively arrived at design compatible with painting. The basis for these compositions is the internet screen; and although stripped of words, the images are still identifiable as … read more… “Rafaël Rozendaal: Post-internet giddy”