The Promotion Project at CAA in Chicago

This month I’ll be in Chicago to present The Promotion Project at the College Art Association’s Annual Conference. Please stop by the ARTExchange, free and open to the public, in the Hyatt Regency on Friday, February 12, 6-8pm. Artists from all over the country will be presenting prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, small installations, performance, sound, … read more… “The Promotion Project at CAA in Chicago”

The Promotion Project

The Promotion Project is underway. Putting together a successful application for academic promotion is an unapologetically narcissistic undertaking. The process involves sifting through years of paperwork from past projects and attempting to explain their relevance—-without sounding like a egomaniacal blowhard. Where I teach the activities are divided into four categories: teaching, creative activity, professional activity … read more… “The Promotion Project”

Twitter notes

#fullpost{display:none;} A few items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed. RT @fecalface: We got some photos from Clare Rojas show at Kavi Gupta Chicago – Painters scrutinize my Louise Fishman review here: here: RT @aczine: Dannielle Tegeder at Priska C. Juschka: about 1 hour ago I’ll be talking … read more… “Twitter notes”