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Art and Film: Ursa meta

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / These times demand both mordant humor and serious contemplation, which helps explain the prevalence of meticulously packaged black comedies in cinema. Two prominent and very good ones that come to mind are Emerald Fennell’s Promising Young Woman, a diamond-hard dissection of the extended kill-chain of […]

Solo Shows

Ilana Savdie: Carnival abstraction

Contributed by Paul Laster / Blurring the boundary between abstraction and figuration, Ilana Savdie makes colorful canvases that take the eye on a rollercoaster ride through splashes of paint, flesh and body parts. A recent Yale MFA grad who has continued to work in New Haven over the past year […]

Solo Shows

Kathryn Lynch: Allusive places

Contributed by Patrick Neal / Sometimes we see something better when we don’t look directly at it. This thought permeated my viewing of Kathryn Lynch’s impressive paintings at Turn Gallery on the Upper East Side. Her current exhibition, fittingly titled “Between the Streets,” showcases her crowning achievement as a painter: […]

Solo Shows

Lauren Luloff: Absorbed into color

Contributed by Erin Yerby / Lauren Luloff’s semi-transparent panels of silk, in their very stillness, betray a slight flutter of movement like “a winged creature that flits from one form to the next.” These windowed-openings onto swaths of spiraling color, seem to approach what Walter Benjamin described as the child’s […]

Solo Shows

Adam Henry: Full spectrum

Contributed by Adam Simon / It has been argued that there is no such thing as an abstract painting anymore, only pictures of abstract paintings. What sounds like a slur on abstract painters is simply an acknowledgement that digital technology, social media and the proliferation of images has affected how […]

Gallery shows

Powhida on Biden: A man for this season

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / The art that accompanies magazine articles usually seems decorative and functional, there merely to cheer up black-and-white text and interrupt regimented columns. Rarely does it well-nigh embody the article itself. William Powhida’s portrait of Joe Biden, centered below the title of Fintan O’Toole’s “To Hell […]

Solo Shows

Jack Tworkov: Laying down line

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In the 1960s, Jack Tworkov began to feel as if he had taken Ab-Ex gestural abstraction as far as it could go without repeating himself. Reluctant to keep making paintings in which the once wild and expressive brushstroke would appear a predictable go-to move determined […]

Solo Shows

David Byrd’s palpable tenderness

Contributed by Craig Taylor / The late David Byrd’s affecting show, on view at Anton Kern Gallery, revolves around what he called his magnum opus: an artist book, Montrose VA 1958–1988, chronicling his job as an orderly at the New York State Veterans’ Home psychiatric ward. Like many artists of […]