Clubhouse Conversations

Two Coats of Paint uses the Clubhouse app to present discussions about art and the art world. Clubhouse is like talk radio — live conversations and audience discussions, unedited, unrecorded and presented in the moment. We are dedicated to providing interesting art content for studio listening. Readers must download the Clubhouse app and follow the Two Coats of Paint Club and NYC Art Club (co-founded by Sharon Butler, Stephanie Theodore, and Eric Brown) in order to get notifications of upcoming events and join the conversations.

Monday, August 2
“Ask a Painter”
hosted by Two Coats of Paint, 11:30 am (edt)
Sharon Butler and Catherine Howe discuss Catherine’s opulent new paintings, on view at Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York through August 27 / Image: Catherine Howe, Mica Painting (Interference Gold/White/Champagne Silver), 2021, pigments, acrylic mediums, glass micro-beads, gloss white and metal leaf on canvas, 36 x 48 inches. / Join the conversation:

Monday, July 26
“Ask a Painter” hosted by Two Coats of Paint, 11:30 am (edt)
Sharon Butler talks about “Love Devotion Surrender Dedication,” a painting show at Rick Wester Fine Art, 526 West 26th Street in Chelsea, with co-curators Mary Shah and Rick Wester, participating artists, including Tom McGlynn, Alyse Rosner, and Cat Balco. The show was inspired by, and dedicated to, the 1973 album Love Devotion Surrender by Carlos Santana and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin. Artists include Debe Arlook, Cat Balco, Sharon Butler, Max Kellenberger, Amanda Marchand, Tom McGlynn, Jill Moser, Stephen Mueller, Andy Richter, Alyse Rosner, Wendi Schneider, Andrew Schwartz, Mary Shah, Barbara Takenaga, Alex Turner, Lydia Viscardi, Nicole Wassall, Tenesh Webber, Alex Yudzon

Monday, July 19
“Two Coats Review of Books” hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Sharon Butler talks to sociologist Hannah Wohl who, in her new book Bound By CreativityHow Contemporary Art is Created and Judged, explores the notion of “creative vision” through the lens of the NYC art world. This is the book that can explain what we do to all to our families and non-art-world friends. Wohl is an assistant professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. 11:30 am (EDT)

Tuesday, July 13
“Artist’s Initiatives–Past, Present, and Future” hosted by NYC Art Club. Host Adam Simon with Sharon Butler talking about the legendary eatery/artwork, Food, and some thoughts on their own projects. 10 am (EDT)

Monday, July 12
“Ask a Painter” hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Sharon Butler leads a conversation with abstract painters Deborah Dancy, Erin O’Brien, Susan English, all of whom have work on view in a summer group show at Markel Fine Arts in Chelsea. 11:30 am (EDT)

Tuesday, July 6
“Artist’s Initiatives–Past, Present, and Future” hosted by the NYC Art Club. 
Adam Simon talks to Natasha Sweeten about her 2021 project at Marisa Newman Projects. Created during and in response to the pandemic, “What You Missed That Day You Were Absent” comprises Natasha’s paintings and seven collaborations made with artist friends: Kelly Chorpening, Jeri Coppola, Jeff Feld, Paul Keir, Kirsten Nash, Sam Nichols and Tamara Zahaykevich. The collaborations cover film, photography, sculpture and a flag flying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 10am (EDT)

Monday June 28
“Ask a Painter”
hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Sharon Butler leads a conversation with painter Sue Havens. Sharon contributed the catalogue essay for Sue’s solo show at the University of Las Vegas Marjorie Barrick Museum. Museum Director Alisha Kerlin, curator Jason Lazarus, and painter Stephen Westfall, join the discussion. 11:30am (EDT)

Wednesday, June 2 
“Backroom Banter” hosted by the NYC Art Club
Stephanie Theodore of Theodore Gallery in conversation with Jared Linge (High Noon Gallery) and Enrique Gomez (Proto Gomez Gallery) about what’s going on in NYC galleries. 5pm (EDT)

Tuesday, June 1 
“Artist’s Initiatives–Past, Present, and Future” hosted by the NYC Art Club. 
Adam Simon continues his exploration of interesting artists’ initiatives. This week he talked to Joy Episalla and Carrie Yamaoka, visual artists and founding members of fierce pussy, the queer public art collective which began in 1991 and continues to the present. 10am (EDT)

“Sculpture…Permission” hosted by the NYC Art Club. 
Sheila Pepe will continued her ongoing conversation about contemporary sculpture. 1pm (EDT)

Tuesday, May 25
“Artist’s Initiatives–Past, Present, and Future” hosted by the NYC Art Club. 
Adam Simon talks to Peter Dudek about all of his collaborative projects, including Bascom Lodge at Mount Greylock. 10am
“Sculpture is…” hosted by the NYC Art Club
Sheila Pepe’s conversation about sculpture. 1pm

Monday, May 24
“Ask a Painter”
hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Sharon Butler talks to EJ Hauser about “Voyagers,” her solos show at Derek Eller, and Alyse Rosner about “Trusting the River,” her solo at Rick Wester Fine Art. 11:30am

Monday, May 17
“The other Art World” hosted by the NYC Art Club. 
Adam Simon talks to artists Larry Greenberg and others about collaborative projects. 11:30am
Sculpture is…” hosted by NYC Art Club
Sheila Pepe’s fascinating conversation about contemporary sculpture. 1 pm

Thursday, May 13
DUMBO Open Studios Marathon Art Conversation, hosted by Two Coats of Paint, organized by Sharon Butler to kick off DUMBO Open Studios.
9:30 – 10:00 AM: Introductory Remarks with host Sharon Butler and DOS organizer Ariel Willmott /Alchemic Sonic Environment “The Art and Science of Deep Listening,” an integrative experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity and exchange. With Satya Hinduja.
10:00 – 10:45 AM: Host Matthew Deleget, artist and co-founder of Minus Space, a DUMBO gallery with an international roster of artists who focus on reductive art practices and contemporary abstraction, speaks with artists and special guests.
10:45 – 11:15 AM: Ceramicist Lauren Skelly Bailey hosts “Parenthood and Pots” with Regina Ferrell-Fagan.
11:15 – 12:00 PM: Hosts Beth Dary and Jeff Wallace will discuss Main Window DUMBO, an artist-run project since 1980, focused on bi-monthly, site-specific installations. Artists Amelia Carley, Patty Fabricant, Etty Yantiv, Cecile Chong, Paul Simmons, and Anne Peabody will discuss their experiences creating installations for the window.
12:00 – 1:00 PM: “Artists Showing Artists” with host Elizabeth Hazan, director of Platform Project Space. Patrick Neal will discuss his current solo exhibition. Artist Jennifer Coates will talk about curating exhibitions.
1:00 – 2:00 PM: Host Becky Sellinger will talk to the Smack Mellon resident artists Brian Hudson Huang, Catalina Ouyang, Doménica García, Ezra Wube, Jesse Chung, Patricia Encarnación
2:00 – 3:00 PM: Host Laura Karetzky will discuss “Painting the Narrative,” an exhibition at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park. Artists in the show include Laura, Jennifer Coates, Judith Linhares, Ernesto Renda, Kyle Staver, and George Towne. She will be joined by some of them, as well as exhibition organizer Dee Shapiro.
3:00 – 4:00 PM: Host Teri Hackett will discuss studio life during lockdown, painting, and her current show, “Around the Bend,” on view at High Noon gallery. With gallery director Jared Linge.
4:00 – 5:00 PM: “What’s Good?” Host Alexi Worth envisions a bar-style dialogue with other Brooklyn artists and critics about current/recent exhibitions. Happy hour at 20 Jay Street.
5:00 – 6:00 PM: “Art for Social and Environmental Action” with host Samantha Taylor, who will discuss how art can inform and create dialogue about conservation, effect social change, and make our communities more equitable, both on the wall and on the move.

Monday, May 10 
 “In the Galleries,” hosted by NYC Art Club.
Karen Flatow, Carl D’Alvia, and other artists join us to discuss “Glyphadelphia,” a big, fun group show to kick off the summer season. 10am
“Conversations with…” hosted by Two Coats of Paint.
Guest host Adam Simon, Brooklyn artist and co-founder of legendary art projects Four Walls and the Fine Art Adoption Network will tease out ideas about the artist’s life. With Munro Galloway and Shirley Irons. 11:30 am
Sculpture is…” hosted by NYC Art Club
Sheila Pepe continues her fascinating conversation about contemporary sculpture from the Museum of Art and Design where she and Carrie Moyer are installing “Tabernacles for Trying Times.” 1pm

Monday, May 3
“In the Galleries” hosted by NYC Art Club
Elizabeth Hazan to discusses “High Noon,” her solo show at the Art Center at Duck Creek in East Hampton. Organized by Sharon Butler and Eric Brown. 10 am
“Rote Beauty” hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Three artists whose work addresses lyricism and the sublime in a fleeting world. Zach Seeger leads the discussion with painters Ashley Garrett, Eric Hibet, and Andy Mister, 11:30 am
“Sculpture is….” hosted by NYC Art Club
With Sheila Pepe. 1 pm

Monday, April 26
“In the Galleries”
hosted by NYC Art Club
Hunter MFA students Simon Smith, Ariel Mitchell, Nick Belfey, and Leo Madrid discuss attending an MFA program during lockdown and preparing their thesis show. Organized by Sharon Butler, 10am
“Conversation with…” hosted by Two Coats of Paint
Elisabeth Condon leads a conversation with Carrie Moyer, on the occasion of Carrie’s knockout show at DC Moore. 11:30 am
Sculpture is…Craft x Volume = Power” hosted by NYC Art Club
With Sheila Pepe, 1 pm

Wednesday, April 21 
“Dealer’s Choice and Backroom Banter” hosted by NYC Art Club
Stephanie Theodore and other art dealers from Tribeca, 5 pm.

Monday, April 19 
“In the Galleries” hosted by NYC Art Club
organized by Sharon Butler, 10 am 
“Conversations With,”hosted by the Two Coats of Paint Club
Featuring conversations with rotating hosts. This week David Humphrey and Jennifer Coates discuss “Goya’s Graphic Imagination” at the Met and Wilhelm Sasnal’s solo at Anton Kern, 11:30 am.
“Sculpture is…What is it?” hosted by NYC Art Club
Sheila Pepe’s inaugural discussion, with special guests, 1 pm.

Monday, April 12
“In the Galleries”
hosted by NYC Art Club
Zach Seeger, Tristan Higganbotham, curator Justin Cloud and gallery director Alice Gong discuss “Revival,” the inaugural show at Room 482 in Bed-stuy. Jennifer Coates joins for a discussion of Ann Caven’s show at Karma. Organized by Sharon Butler, 10 am.

Monday April 15
“In the Galleries” hosted by the NYC Art Club
Julie Torres and Ellen Letcher discuss “The Magic Garden,” an exhibition at LabSpace in Hillsdale, NY. Alexander Ross, Amy Lincoln, Amy Talluts, Ann Wolf, Audrey Francis, Betsy Friedman, Brantner Deatley, Eric Wolf, Jennifer Coates, Joel Longenecker, Julie Evans, Katherine Ulmsted, Leslie Carmin, Philip Knoll, Undine Brod, and more. Organized by Sharon Butler, 10am

Monday, March 22 
In the Galleries” hosted by the NYC Art Club
A conversation with Lindsay Walt and Audrey Stone about materiality and luminous transformation. Lindsay Walt works at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard and currently has a show at High Noon on the LES. Audrey Stone recently had a show at Morgan Lehman. 10am
Ideas & Influences: Zach Harris,” hosted by NYC Art Club 
Eric Brown will have a conversation with Zach about his work, which is on view at Perrotin New York. 7 pm

Wednesday, March 24
Two Coats News/Conversation about Painting” hosted by NYC Art Club 
A conversation with Paul Gagner, Maria Calandra, Heidi Howard, Clarity Haines. about how their art practices changed during the pandemic. Organized by Sharon Butler, 5 pm 

Tuesday, March 23
Ideas + Influences: A conversation with Bill Carroll” hosted by NYC Art Club.
Bill Carroll is a painter (represented by Elizabeth Harris Gallery) and arts administrator at the Elizabeth Foundation. Organized by Eric Brown, 7pm

Wednesday, March 17
Two Coats of Paint News: A round up of painting news” hosted by the NYC Art Club
Sort of like Mike and the Mad Dog or Rush Limbaugh. Well, hahaha, not really (at Clubhouse you would hear actual laughing, rolling on the floor laughing). Organized by Sharon Butler, 5pm

Monday, March 15
In the Galleries: A conversation with Ginny Casey,” hosted by NYC Art Club. Ginny’s show, “Combing The Honey Home,” is on view at Half Gallery through April 1. Organized by Sharon Butler, 10 am