Artist’s Notebook

Artist's Notebook

Colleagues: Judith Schaechter and Eileen Neff

Two of my talented colleagues at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts have solo shows in Chelsea this month. At Claire Oliver, Judith Schaechter presents beautiful but disturbing stained glass lightboxes and kiln-cast glass sculptures about sex and death, and at Bruce Silverstein, Eileen Neff explores perception, mirroring, and memory […]

Artist's Notebook

Dear Tamara, and other letters about art

This month, Raphael Rubinstein is the guest editor of the Rail’s ArtSeen section. Citing letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, and the letters that Samuel Beckett wrote to Georges Duthuit about Bram van Velde’s paintings, Rubinstein asked contributors to write a letter. “Perhaps the most important difference […]

Artist's Notebook

Katherine Bradford at Edward Thorp

I live in a seaside tourist town (this weekend is the “Cabin Fever Festival”) so I’m surrounded by impressionistic paintings of boats, water, beach, drawbridge and so forth. In the group show of gallery artists on view at Edward Thorp, Katherine Bradford’s paintings prove that ships and the sea are […]