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Film & Television

Art and Film: A subdued Top Ten in 2020

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / By the most salient political parameters – governance, public health, the rule of law – 2020 was one of the worst years in living memory. Hobbled by Covid-19, art overall seemed commensurately downbeat, but also pensively defiant. In cinema, if a dominant theme emerged, it […]

Solo Shows

The inner self: Clayton Schiff’s quirky canvases

Contributed by Paul Laster / Creating playful paintings with psychological twists, Clayton Schiff makes his 56 Henry exhibition debut with the solo show Small World, featuring five medium-scale canvases (all from 2019 and 2020) that depict cartoon-like characters in poetic realms. A 2009 RISD BFA grad, Schiff has been gaining […]

Film & Television

Art and Film: Men of wealth and taste

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Charles Willeford – Guthrie-esque hobo, World War II hero, pulp-fiction genius – was one of the best crime writers of his generation, influential yet under-appreciated. Among his many books, Cockfighter became a cult-classic film starring Warren Oates, Miami Blues a quirky eighties jaunt with Alec […]

Museum Exhibitions

Josephine Halvorson’s communion with nature

Contributed by Kari Adelaide Razdow / Now on view as part of the deCordova Museum’s “Visionary New England” exhibition, Josephine Halvorson’s lyrical yet meticulous oil paintings employ no masquerade of myth. Rather, they are documentations of nature that meld history, self, and place. Her intense practice centers on painting chosen […]

Solo Shows

Sylvia Naimark: The enigmatic realm of the imperceptible

Contributed by Paul Laster / A painter of poetic pictures, Sylvia Naimark explores the enigmatic realm of the imperceptible in her otherworldly works on canvas and wood at Nancy Margolis Gallery. Working in a mutable manner, which she aptly calls “intuitive yet controlled,” the Swedish artist makes shadowy paintings that […]

Group Shows

Finding shelter at ArtYard

Contributed by Robin Hill / Our personal narratives are inextricably entwined with what the philosopher Gaston Bachelard refers to as The Poetics of Space. His work contemplates the spaciousness of consciousness one experiences in relation to architectural space, real or imagined, and the indispensability of shelter to life. Without shelter, we […]

Solo Shows

Maeve D’Arcy paints the passage of time

Contributed by Patrick Neal / Taking in the paintings of Maeve D’Arcy, currently on view at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, I kept thinking of the defunct movie rental store Kim’s Video that had long occupied Manhattan’s East and West Villages. These places were legendary repositories of arthouse films, and D’Arcy’s […]