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Featuring links to articles about the Painting in the 1980s and Raymond Pettibon exhibitions, distracted by politics, Mother Jones, David Corn, Blue Mountain Center, I Am Not Your Negro, an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, more… This week “Fast Forward: Painting in the 1980s” opened at the Whitney Museum. The exhibition features many of the artists I loved when I first started painting–Terry … read more… “Quick study”

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Katharina Grosse on canvas

When I first saw Katharina Grosse’s paintings at Gagosian, my reaction was that they were too big, and that the surfaces were too flat–that they looked better on the computer screen than they did at the gallery. Berlin-based Grosse (b. 1961, Germany) is mainly known for large-scale three-dimensional work that features bright, unmixed, sprayed-on color that evokes abstract … read more… “Katharina Grosse on canvas”


Snow day reading

Stack of reading: Two issues of Shifter (edited by Sreshta Rit Premnath and Avi Alpert); exhibition catalogues from Claude Tétot, Frédérique Lucien, Corinne Laroche; Pin the Tail on the Tiger–a Norte Maar publication featuring a collaboration between painter Jessica Weiss and poet Bob Holman; along with hot chocolate in my new Two Coats of Paint coffee mug. I’ll be shipping them out to contributors … read more… “Snow day reading”

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Marina Adams: Radically soft and optimistic

Contributed by by Danielle Wu / Given the influx of politically oriented exhibitions lately, “Soft Power,” Marina Adams’s solo at Salon 94 offers an ethereal mind space that provides relief from all the strain and strife. Wavy blocks of bright color, from lemony yellows to saltwater blues, nest together, embracing each other’s outlines. Standing in front of … read more… “Marina Adams: Radically soft and optimistic”

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In retrospect: Post-truth with David Brody and Elliot Green

Contributed by Luisa Caldwell and Matt Freedman / Back in December, the uncanny pushed its way into the room of exquisite landscape paintings by David Brody and Elliot Green. Uncanny, as in familiar but incongruous, has become attached to the persuasively surreal in contemporary practice; strange figurations usually, big babies, small grownups, appendages attached to architecture. It … read more… “In retrospect: Post-truth with David Brody and Elliot Green”


Quick study

The-world-is-falling-apart edition. MoMA protests Trump’s refugee ban, Dore Ashton has died, AFC offers to help to artists affected by Trump’s executive orders, movies about politics, NEA budget, Stock Club update, Welish on Dan Walsh, Tatiana Berg and Mexico City, and more.

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History: Artist-run galleries in NYC in the 1950s and 1960s

At artist-run galleries, the conversation centers on art rather than commerce. Alternative spaces provide a place for unknown and under-recognized artists to mount exhibitions, for curators to organize their first thematic shows, and for established artists to present experimental projects that their commercial galleries aren’t interested in showing. “Inventing Downtown,” an ambitious and densely hung group show at the NYU Grey Art … read more… “History: Artist-run galleries in NYC in the 1950s and 1960s”


Ken Weathersby: From sculpture to painting

For his new series of elegant abstract paintings, on view at Minus Space through February 25, Ken Weathersby drew from seasoned images in old art history books. These books feature simple layouts, often two wide columns illustrated with black and white images. Over time, the paper on which they’ve been printed has darken or yellowed. The paintings … read more… “Ken Weathersby: From sculpture to painting”

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Infrastructure @ SEMINAR in DUMBO

Update: The show has been extended through March. Note: The artists talk scheduled on March 16 has been cancelled. Infrastructure: Land, Mind, Country Artists from the Two Coats of Paint Residency Program Opening reception: February 2, First Thursday, at SEMINAR Gallery in DUMBO, 6-9 pm. Two Coats of Paint has the unique privilege of curating an exhibition … read more… “Infrastructure @ SEMINAR in DUMBO”

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Christopher Moss: So not funny

Contributed by Matthew Weinstein / I really hope people get to see Chris Moss‘s show at Theodore:Art in Bushwick. I own a painting of his, and I love it. It makes me laugh. It’s hanging by my front door. It’s a crazy little square face; a sort of impasto emoji that signifies nothing. It’s like a … read more… “Christopher Moss: So not funny”

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