Interview: Clare Grill in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In late November, I rode my bike to Clare Grill‘s Sunnyside apartment-studio, where we talked about her technique, the mental space required to paint, and her new-found freedom from having to work a second job. A warm and serious painter, Clare makes abstract paintings that are filled edge to edge … read more… “Interview: Clare Grill in Sunnyside”

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Interview: Stephen Westfall in Industry City

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / On a rainy day in November I visited Stephen Westfall at his Brooklyn studio. Among my young painter friends he has a reputation for being open, generous, and extremely smart, but I was still a little nervous. He warned me in advance that most of his work had been shipped … read more… “Interview: Stephen Westfall in Industry City”

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Interview: Daniel Kingery in Hunt’s Point

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / The four paintings I looked at in Daniel Kingery‘s Bronx studio are all medium-sized, human scale. Paint application strategies vary across each canvas, but overall the surfaces have a stiff, solid sheen. Kingery paints in layers, applying and completing each before beginning the next. Sometimes this means a physical imposition … read more… “Interview: Daniel Kingery in Hunt’s Point”

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Interview: Emily Noelle Lambert in Greenpoint

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Emily Noelle Lambert‘s recent paintings are large abstracts rendered in vivid acrylic paint. On display in “Ideé Fixe,” her solo show at Denny Gallery, through November 15th, they vary in line, brush size, color palette, shape, subject matter; whatever is a limiting factor in one painting (say, only using vivid … read more… “Interview: Emily Noelle Lambert in Greenpoint”

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Interview: Alexandria Tarver in Bushwick

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein  / I met Alexandria Tarver at her studio near Broadway in Bushwick. Technically it’s a one bedroom apartment, and the ventilation is a little dubious, but the space is ample. I ate grapes and Alexandria drank a beer while we looked her paintings, most of which hung on the wall, although … read more… “Interview: Alexandria Tarver in Bushwick”

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Interview: Cal Siegel in Gowanus

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / I met up with Cal Siegel last week at his studio under the 9th street F/G stop in Gowanus, across the street from Lowe’s and above Build it Green–an ideal location. Having recently returned from a residency at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Siegel shared some of his new work with … read more… “Interview: Cal Siegel in Gowanus”

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Interview: Jim Gaylord in Clinton Hill

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In 2011, I met Jim Gaylord when he lectured at my university in northern Minnesota, and we’ve kept in touch on and off ever since. His studio was the first I visited after I moved to NYC, and Jim reappeared on my radar recently when I heard he was in … read more… “Interview: Jim Gaylord in Clinton Hill”

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Interview: Loie Hollowell in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / After I heard that Loie Hollowell had sold out all her paintings shown at the June NEWD Art Show, and would be having a solo show at 106 Green in November, I knew she would busy thinking and painting. I took a long bike ride out to Sunnyside to visit … read more… “Interview: Loie Hollowell in Sunnyside”

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Interview: Sophia Flood in Gowanus

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Sophia Flood and I met at one of my art-handling jobs. We became friends, and I’ve admired her work since visiting her studio in Gowanus. I wanted to find out more about her process, and this past Tuesday when I paid another visit, we talked about her four most recent … read more… “Interview: Sophia Flood in Gowanus”