What MFA means in Detroit

Over the past two years that I’ve been working toward my MFA at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, my standard (hackneyed?) retort to artists, critics, friends, janitors, anyone who wants to talk-about-art-in-Detroit, is that artists are going to have a hard time being self-sustaining here, and for reasons we’re all aware of. Some have countered … read more… “What MFA means in Detroit”


Chicago’s Midway Art Fair: A model for fostering art communities?

Still in its honeymoon phase, Chicago’s Midway Art Fair (MDW) – a collaborative effort between Public Media Institute (PMI), Document, Roots & Culture, and threewalls – showcases alternative spaces and independent artist-run collaborations. Earlier this month,  Mana Contemporary, hosted MDW in their converted warehouse space, with nearly 75 organizations participating, including 20 publications and a … read more… “Chicago’s Midway Art Fair: A model for fostering art communities?”


Beverly Fishman’s nonfunctional fragility

On the floor of one of the contemporary galleries at the Detroit Institute of Arts sits Beverly Fishman’s Pill Spill, an installation comprising eighty-six hand-blown glass pill-shaped objects strewn about a raised platform. Crafted in halves by a master glass blower, Fishman’s pairings are based on formal qualities and size, which range from about eight … read more… “Beverly Fishman’s nonfunctional fragility”

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Community collectives at MOCA Detroit

“Vision in a Cornfield” is a large scale site-specific installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, fashioned through the collaborative efforts of Destroy All Monsters, a former Detroit art rock band, and collectives Ogun and Apetechnology. A handful of junkyard cars are displayed among freestanding cornstalks and piles of dirt, as well as hanging … read more… “Community collectives at MOCA Detroit”

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Edouard Manet: Portraying Life

By Marie Julio Sixty miles south of Detroit rests its twin, of sorts, not normally thought of as an art and design hub: Toledo.However, in two weeks, the first exhibition of Édouard Manet’s work to specifically focus on portraiture as a means to understand his wider subject matter – 19th Century French life – will … read more… “Edouard Manet: Portraying Life”