Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.

Guest contributor: Mary Addison Hackett Let me tell you about my boat. Sunday 12:35 pm. I’m sitting on a shuttle patiently waiting to go to Miami Projects. It’s air-conditioned. A catchy pop version of Deck the Halls is being piped in. There’s wi-fi. Conceivably, I could spend the day here. Given traffic, I might. I … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.”


Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel

Guest Contributor: Mary Addison Hackett / Turns out tweeting, texting, shooting work and seeing the art, was more complex than I thought. After catching a cab from the airport and having the cab driver stop on the freeway to call her husband for directions, we shuttled over to Basel for an obligatory overview. I intended … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel”

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