Under pressure: Q&A with Sheri Schwartz

JOE BUN KEO: Portraiture of the self can express vanity, portraiture of others can express admiration, and some portraiture can memorialize and immortalize. What are you aiming for in your portraiture? SHERI SCHWARTZ: At times, I seek out particular people to paint because of a social issue, or they look like someone I’ve seen before … read more… “Under pressure: Q&A with Sheri Schwartz”


Past, present, future: Q&A with Miguel Carter-Fisher

JOE BUN KEO: Your work ties the past to the present. You’re dealing what is in front of you now, but you always find a way to link to what has happened before. How does the future fit into your approach to your painting? What about tomorrow? MIGUEL CARTER-FISHER: By blending the past and the … read more… “Past, present, future: Q&A with Miguel Carter-Fisher”

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Thoroughly observed: Q&A with J.D. Richey

JOE BUN KEO: Your work is fractured and fragmented, made of many smaller pieces. It’s like a puzzle. Do you paint in sections and then assemble the piece at the end? Or does the image grow organically as you work? J.D. RICHEY: I do not work on many pieces separately; rather, they grow and diminish until something … read more… “Thoroughly observed: Q&A with J.D. Richey”


Post-apocalyptic aesthetic: Q&A with Matthew William Robinson

JOE BUN KEO:  In your work, complexes and structures break down and deconstruct. You speak of the post-industrial, instability and man’s imposition on the natural landscape with high-rises, beams, and girders. Mixed media and collage seems like a natural way to present these images. With that said there is an uncertainty, skepticism, an implied challenge … read more… “Post-apocalyptic aesthetic: Q&A with Matthew William Robinson”


House party: Q&A with Derrick Quevedo

JOE BUN KEO: Color is an unspoken language, and your work reflects that you’re fluent in it. Can you compare the power of color and shape to that of written and spoken language or overt imagery? DERRICK QUEVEDO: There are musical intervals that affect us for one reason or another. They are not tied to … read more… “House party: Q&A with Derrick Quevedo”


We never know what we don’t know: Q&A with Joyce Conlon

JOE BUN KEO: Your work is about accumulation and peeling away, the creation of a visual trail. I love the reference to palimpsest. It’s archival. It’s archaeology. What’s your reaction to the idea that you’re creating your own history within your work? JOYCE CONLON: Great question! I spent time working as an archeologist. I am … read more… “We never know what we don’t know: Q&A with Joyce Conlon”


Beautiful beasts: Q&A with Jaclyn Conley

This week Joe Bun Keo catches up with Jaclyn Conley. A 2004 graduate of the University of Guelph MFA program, Conley accepted a tenure-track position in 2010 at the Hartford Art School where she currently teaches painting and drawing. In 2006, she was selected for the Aldrich Museum’s Radius Program for emerging artists. Jaclyn Conley, … read more… “Beautiful beasts: Q&A with Jaclyn Conley”

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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: Q&A with Megan Marden, painter and creator of CT ArtList

Created by painter Megan Marden, CT ArtList is a promising new website that includes gallery listings, open call information, reviews and other information for Connecticut artists. Two Coats contributor Joe Bun Keo had a few questions for Marden both about her online project and her painting practice. Megan Marden, Butterscotch/Ginger Ale, 2012, oil on hardboard, … read more… “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: Q&A with Megan Marden, painter and creator of CT ArtList”


A well-lit billboard is not public art: Q&A with Adam Niklewicz

Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development is the mastermind behind City Canvas, a one-time, million-dollar initiative to bring mural-based public art created by Connecticut artists into downtown spaces throughout the state. Participating cities include Bridgeport, Hartford, New Britain, New London, Stamford, Torrington, and Waterbury. Adam Niklewicz, whose proposal was selected for a site in … read more… “A well-lit billboard is not public art: Q&A with Adam Niklewicz”

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Artist Interview: Beena Azeem

Joe Bun Keo: Beena, I’ve known you for a few years now. You have a background in the medical field, and you are currently the recipient of Trinity College’s Fifth Year Fellowship.  From your experiences growing up in an Asian family and the presumed strictness of such, what were the trials and tribulations of venturing … read more… “Artist Interview: Beena Azeem”

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