Chantal Joffe’s Limbo

Guest Contributor Katelynn Mills / Chantal Joffe’s self-portraits look back at us with a deadpan stare. Often they avoid eye contact altogether. But there’s something about Joffe’s paintings one cannot pin down. Her latest show, “Night Self-Portraits” at Cheim & Read, presents a kind of Joffe limbo. Honest yet deceptive, beautiful yet ugly: for all … read more… “Chantal Joffe’s Limbo”

Bill Jensen: Painting is a prayer

Contributed by Katelynn Mills / One can never hide who they are in their work – I’ve always known and felt that painting is a direct extension of the artist’s soul. Be the individual a shallow, fabulous Warholian, or a deep and tortured Rothkoan, or anyone in between, a (wo)man’s capacity is marked by their … read more… “Bill Jensen: Painting is a prayer”