Last chance: Julian Pretto’s artists, at Minus Space

Back in the 1970s, when impoverished, downtrodden New York City was on the verge of bankruptcy, gallerist Julian Pretto would contact building owners and ask if he could curate exhibitions in their vacant Soho and Tribeca storefronts. Pretto convinced landlords that his exhibitions would bring people to the neighborhoods, raise the profile of their buildings, … read more… “Last chance: Julian Pretto’s artists, at Minus Space”

Sarah Slappey: Lurking in the underbrush

Contributed by Julia Monté / After “Night Feeding”, Sarah Slappey’s first solo exhibition in NYC at Crush Curatorial, I caught up with her to discuss her new work, a borrowed baby, and the shadows lurking in the lush, sometimes haunting, environments of her recent paintings. Tangles of arms, legs, and dripping breasts seem to nurture their surroundings, with pockets of light catching evidence of … read more… “Sarah Slappey: Lurking in the underbrush”

June 30: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows, openings, and events

SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE / June 30, 2015 / Listed south to north. Compiled by artist Andrew Ginzel for his students at the School of Visual Arts. Images have been selected by Two Coats of Paint. NOTE: Many venues are on special summer hours. Please inquire before going out of … read more… “June 30: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows, openings, and events”

Artists who curate: “Creating opportunities for felicitous constellations”

 “Reverie,” a group show  curated by Stephen Westfall. Installation view, Zurcher Studio. The other day Austin Thomas, who is feeling overwhelmed with emails from struggling artists,  blogged some career advice. Rather than continually ask other people for career help, Thomas urges artists to simply do something interesting (curate a show, organize a salon, write about … read more… “Artists who curate: “Creating opportunities for felicitous constellations””