Sue Post: Intuitively chosen constraints

Contributed by Franklin Einspruch / Among several of my quixotic projects is to farm a heretofore neglected front yard for vegetables. It is, as they say, a work in progress. I am in charge of this project, and yet I am not. Much depends on my scant knowledge, my incomplete attention, my limited power to … read more… “Sue Post: Intuitively chosen constraints”

Quick Study: Enough already, what’s next, a new painting blog and more

Who knew painting (and art writing) still had the power to evoke such outrage? Some artists and writers, unhappy with the provisional and casualist approach that I’ve been observing for the past few years, have been wondering why this type of work has gotten so much ink and pixels. Abstract Critical, a UK publication that … read more… “Quick Study: Enough already, what’s next, a new painting blog and more”

Odd Nerdrum’s histrionics

I love Franklin Einspruch‘s snarky take on Odd Nerdrum’s paintings at Forum Gallery. Warming to Nerdrum’s new work, Einspruch reports in the NY Sun that the Norwegian painter studied with Joseph Beuys. Who knew? His review ran in April and the show is already down, but here’s an excerpt and some images from the gallery’s … read more… “Odd Nerdrum’s histrionics”

A painter covers Miami

Extensive multi-post photo coverage of the Miami art fairs is underway at Joanne Mattera Art Blog. Unlike other bloggers who cover Miami, Mattera’s posts are heavily weighted toward painting and visual trends rather than video, conceptual or installation projects. “There were some recurring themes throughout the fairs: spider webs–indeed, webs, laces and strings of all … read more… “A painter covers Miami”

Quick Study: Reading from around the blogosphere

Art Critic Jerry Saltz wants you to paint him a Gerhard Richter. On his Facebook page, Saltz offered either $1,000 or a blow job (plus the cost of materials) to any artist who makes him a painting that looks exactly like one of Richter’s abstract canvases. “You can sign your own name on the back … read more… “Quick Study: Reading from around the blogosphere”

#class demonstrated the unequivocal power of social media…but now what?

 “Collecting With Your Eye,  Not Your Ear,” discussion organized by Barry Hoggard and James Wagner. Image courtesy Winkleman Gallery. #class, a sprawling and innovative project at Winkleman Gallery in New York, closed last week. Artists William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton had turned the gallery into a “think tank” for guest artists, critics, academics, dealers, collectors, … read more… “#class demonstrated the unequivocal power of social media…but now what?”

Art Bloggers @ Red Dot open discussion

Thanks everyone for coming to the art blogger panel discussion. I’m sure the audience had more to contribute, so the panel questions (we didn’t get to all of them) are posted on the event blog. Feel free to post your own responses. If you post them on your own blog, please provide a link in … read more… “Art Bloggers @ Red Dot open discussion”