Carter Ratcliff: Art in the age of Trump

Contributed by Carter Ratcliff / Let’s begin with a painting—not sure it’s a work of art—that could have been painted only now, during Trump’s presidency. This is The Republican Club, a group portrait of selected Republican presidents, by Andy Thomas.  Hanging now in the White House, it appeared behind Trump during a recent television interview. Though … read more… “Carter Ratcliff: Art in the age of Trump”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: October 2019

Contributed by Sharon Butler / This month, in addition to the ongoing impeachment inquiry, which seems to expand minute by minute, there are plenty of great exhibitions to see; I also have a few invitations to share. Please join us: Saturday, October 12, 4pm, I hope upstate readers can stop by the Woodstock Artists Association and … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: October 2019”

Michael Voss: Beyond the absolute

The following is an interesting catalogue essay that critic Carter Ratcliff wrote for Brooklyn painter Michael Voss’s 2014 solo show at George Lawson in San Francisco. Ratcliff rightly suggests that painters aren’t resigning themselves to imperfection, but rather cultivating it. Abstract painting was born from a yearning for absolutes. In 1915 Kazimir Malevich presented his … read more… “Michael Voss: Beyond the absolute”

Dear Tamara, and other letters about art

This month, Raphael Rubinstein is the guest editor of the Rail’s ArtSeen section. Citing letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, and the letters that Samuel Beckett wrote to Georges Duthuit about Bram van Velde’s paintings, Rubinstein asked contributors to write a letter. Perhaps the most important difference between a conventional exhibition review … read more… “Dear Tamara, and other letters about art”