Two Coats of Paint Resident Artists: Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski, as Two Coats of Paint artists-in-residence, will present an exhibition of their work on Thursday, December 5, 6-9 pm, during DUMBO First Thursday.   Primarily a sculptor, Dudek, born in 1952 in Adams, Massachusetts, has always been interested in Modern Architecture, particularly the early works of Corbusier, … read more… “Two Coats of Paint Resident Artists: Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski”

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Los Carpinteros: When citizens outlive their heroes

Contributed by Katarina Wong / “Cuba Va! (Cuba Goes!)” at The Phillips Collection in DC is a small but powerful exhibition of recent work by the renowned Cuban artist collective Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters). Born and raised in post-Revolution Cuba, Los Carpinteros were educated in the Cuban boarding school system, where the collective is valued … read more… “Los Carpinteros: When citizens outlive their heroes”

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Alun Williams: Lest we forget

Contributed by David Humphrey / What is it to have a life? It’s overwhelming to imagine the pile-up of lives that have preceded ours, some documented, even celebrated, but mostly not. Alun Williams seems to say “pick one, and let it intersect with yours for a moment.” It could turn out that unexpected epiphanies will … read more… “Alun Williams: Lest we forget”

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JJ Manford’s domestic stages for acid daydreams

Contributed by Liz Ainslie / Each of JJ Manford’s vividly realized paintings in the Project Room at Derek Eller draws us into a tightly confined interior space – notionally, an apartment – in which a kinetic, centrally-placed meta-image vibrates. The paintings serve as containers for fantastical projections of the mind, such as a dinosaur painting, … read more… “JJ Manford’s domestic stages for acid daydreams”

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Images: Postwar Women

Contributed by Sharon Butler / “Postwar Women” is a big group exhibition of more than forty female artists, active from 1945-1965, who studied at The Art Students League. The League, which, with its focus on painting, sculpture, and printmaking, seems very old-school now. It was originally founded in 1875 by independent-minded students who were looking for … read more… “Images: Postwar Women”

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Yulia Iosilzon: Trapped in paradise

Contributed by Catherine Haggarty / “Yulia Iosilzon: Paradeisos” – the first solo exhibition of the London-based artist, smartly curated by Kate Mothes – is currently on view at Carvalho Park. Continuing to explore and challenge boundaries separating performance, installation, textile, sculpture, design, painting, and drawing, this abundant gallery space nicely showcases Iosilzon’s twelve striking nine-foot-high … read more… “Yulia Iosilzon: Trapped in paradise”

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Art and Film: Merchants of nostalgia

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / If bad times increase the demand for nostalgia, the current bull market is going to persist for at least another year. But Donald Trump, the ultimate stimulus for that demand, is himself a product of a certain toxic brand of nostalgia – one for a time of white male domination, … read more… “Art and Film: Merchants of nostalgia”

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The Abstract Zeitgeist in Storrs

Contributed by Stephen Maine/ On view at the University of Connecticut’s Contemporary Art Galleries through November 29 is “Constructed,” a lively exhibition of seventeen works by five distinguished midcareer painters whose handling of color—as a kind of visual armature—is inseparable from structure. The show’s curator, Museum Director Barry Rosenberg, calls on Beverly Fishman, Marilyn Lerner, … read more… “The Abstract Zeitgeist in Storrs”


Studio visit with Jill Levine

Contributed by Susan Wanklyn / For many years Jill Levine has explored the territory between painting and sculpture. Her pieces are constructed with Styrofoam shapes, covered with rigid wrap and modeling pastes, and painted with bright geometric forms and symbols. On the occasion of her solo at High Noon Gallery, we met in her studio … read more… “Studio visit with Jill Levine”


N. Dash: More enervating than edgy

Contributed by Curtis Mitchell / The moment of entering a gallery opening – bright lights, convivial conversation, and walls and floor partially seen through conjoined bodies – is not conducive to thoughtful viewing. N. Dash’s paintings recently on display at Casey Kaplan, with their radically blown-up images of nubs of fabric and other household remnants, … read more… “N. Dash: More enervating than edgy”