Warhol at the Whitney: A provocateur for all seasons

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / There are certainly strong generational reasons for the Whitney to mount “Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again,” its penetrating current retrospective. It goes almost without saying that Warhol changed art history by melding the commercial and the “fine,” and, in his energized aesthetic embrace of the whole … read more… “Warhol at the Whitney: A provocateur for all seasons”


Jenny Snider: Mutiny, rebellion, the experience of life

Contributed by Jason Andrew / Jenny Snider is a storyteller. The content and form of her art come from a variety of sources: history, popular culture, politics, and art itself in the form of grid-based abstraction representing natural and mechanical forms. But singularly, she is interested in “describing the experience of the life I know and … read more… “Jenny Snider: Mutiny, rebellion, the experience of life”


Nora Griffin hot take

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In Nora Griffin’s lively new paintings at Fierman, aesthetic tropes from eighties graphics – the stepped rule, the squiggle, artful spatter, bold pastel color – meet calculated painterly excess. She expands on the composition-cover patterns of previous work with great brio, resuscitating action painting and combining it with stream-of-consciousness content. We … read more… “Nora Griffin hot take”

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Brian Dupont and Rachael Nevins: Suffering for something beautiful

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Brian Dupont’s paintings, on view at Adah Rose Gallery in Bethesda, Maryland, through December 31, are uniquely transfixing for several reasons. One is their lean, industrial look – they’re oil on metal. Another is the sense, owing to the stenciled letters and numbers present, that they reveal something randomly profound in the workaday. But … read more… “Brian Dupont and Rachael Nevins: Suffering for something beautiful”


The Great War and Modernism

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / The First World War – known as the Great War before it became necessary to number them – is one of history’s most celebrated lessons on two subjects in particular: how ominously easily it can be for a major war to arise, and the senseless cruelty and calamity of armed … read more… “The Great War and Modernism”


Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: November 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Update (November 11): I don’t know about you, but I feel a tremendous burden has been lifted thanks to the Beautiful Blue Wave on Tuesday. Thanks for voting, thanks for canvasing, and special thanks to readers in NY-19 and throughout New Jersey who booted the GOP out of office. Hello … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: November 2018”

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