Fiction: The Square Drawing [Laurie Fendrich]

Today marks the beginning of the Two Coats of Paint fiction column, a special summer section featuring short stories about artists, collectors, galleries, and other matters centered in the art world. Laurie Fendrich has contributed the first story, which is about a drawing that goes missing. NOTE: If you would like to  submit a short story, please send it to … read more… “Fiction: The Square Drawing [Laurie Fendrich]”


An artist’s story: Patrick Brennan

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Earlier this year, painter Patrick Brennan had a show at the artist-run gallery Essex Flowers. The title, “Drifter,” referred to the previous year of his life, when he gave up his studio in Greenpoint to spend time in England, Ohio, and Bahrain. He also made frequent trips to upstate New … read more… “An artist’s story: Patrick Brennan”

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Alex Kwartler: Tenuous survivalism

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In “Snowflake,” Alex Kwartler’s recent show at Magenta Plains, small-scale paintings captured the desultory emotional tenor of 2017. Compared with his earlier exhibitions, which featured a lively, large-scale abstractions alongside smaller black pictograph-like images and explored notions about surface and spontaneity, the work on view this year appears slow, dark, … read more… “Alex Kwartler: Tenuous survivalism”

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Santa Fe: A visit to the Railyard Arts District

Contributed by Katie Fuller / On a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was eager to check out the growing art scene in the Railyard Arts District. Being accustomed to New York, where space tends to be tight, I felt the invigorating abundance of venues like Form & Concept, LewAllen Galleries, and SITE Santa Fe, where the … read more… “Santa Fe: A visit to the Railyard Arts District”


Made in LA: The personal is political

Contributed by Mary Addison Hackett / There may be a few artists working today who support the current administration in Washington, but it’s safe to say that most count themselves as members of the Resistance, such as it is. This doesn’t mean that we’re destined to make reflexive, shrill propaganda. For anyone who wants to see … read more… “Made in LA: The personal is political”

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Art and Film: The beautifully unlovely Nancy

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / The artistic process comes up quite a bit in cinema. This month alone, three new movies feature protagonists who are artists struggling against various worldly impediments to make their way. At the agreeable end of the spectrum, in Brett Haley’s comforting Hearts Beat Loud, there’s the irrepressibly winning Nick Offerman’s … read more… “Art and Film: The beautifully unlovely Nancy”

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Meet the 2018 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Awardees

Today the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program announced the seventeen talented (and lucky) artists who have been selected to to receive rent-free studio space in DUMBO during 2018-19. They received a record number of applicants–1600–which were reviewed by S-W Studio Program alumni Heeseop Yoon ‘06, Gilbert Hsiao ‘12, Ben La Rocco ‘05, and Rachel Beach ’13. After the initial selection, jury members … read more… “Meet the 2018 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program Awardees”

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Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / June 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Here is a selected list of painting shows I’m heading out to see this week. For a more comprehensive, all-media listing, check out The List on artcritical and ArtForum’s ARTGUIDE. Excellent phone apps like See Saw Gallery Guide and NYArtBeat allow you to bookmark exhibitions and then display the gallery locations on a neighborhood map. I’ll be adding more to this list before the end … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / June 2018”

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The meditative process of making: Abstraction in Connecticut

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Co-curators Daphne Anderson Deeds and Jacquelyn Gleisner have organized “State of Abstraction,” a sophisticated  group exhibition comprising elegant work by more than twenty Connecticut artists who explore a wide range of abstract strategies. Thoughtfully installed at the Washington Art Association, the work speaks of emotion, material experimentation, history, and the meditative process of making.


A strong, dark six-pack at Edward Thorp

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Edward Thorp Gallery’s “Turn of Thought,” which unfortunately just closed, was an especially good group show worthy of even retrospective note. Styled as “contemporary narrative painting,” the exhibition featured work by six broadly representational painters, all eminently capable of summoning discomfiting storylines from seemingly naive images with great evocative efficiency … read more… “A strong, dark six-pack at Edward Thorp”