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Paul D’Agostino, “Scripted Formalities,” Life on Mars, February 2016.

The 2016-you’re-killing-me edition: Paul D’Agostino’s art round up at Brooklyn Magazine, Ivanka’s art collection (and Playboy bunny style), heartbreaking story about opioid addiction, and an update on the $50 Stock Club for Artists.

Despite so many good experiences earlier this year, I have a keen urge to forget 2016, but Paul D’Agostino points out in his year-end review at Brooklyn Magazine, that not everything sucked. Check out his memories, both good and bad, in “Salves & Salvos: 2016 Art Highlights.” Thanks, Paul, for visiting so many exhibitions, (especially my show in Brooklyn) this past year. We really liked your show at Life on Mars, too.

I grabbed this image from Dear_Ivanka, an Instagram feed dedicated to making sure Ivanka knows how the opposition in the art world  feels about her father’s fascistic approach to governance.

At Bloomberg, James Tarmy takes a look at the art on Ivanka Trump’s Instagram feed and notes that many of the artists whose work is featured don’t want to be associated with the Trump brand. “I think there’s probably a lot more Republicans buying art than there are making it,” Bill Powers from Half Gallery points out. Note that in one of the images, Invanka is wearing black satin bunny ears and long black gloves. I’ve noticed that Playboy Bunny style (and the associated misogyny and marginalization) is making a comeback. Read more.

Jean-Michel Basquiat in his studio, 1985. Photograph © Lizzie Himmel. In 1988, Basquiat died of a heroin overdose in New York City.

Heartbreaking. In New York Magazine Eric Levitz writes about the opioid epidemic, which sadly seems to have touched all of our lives: “The opioid epidemic is a disaster with several authors. Economic stagnation may have played a role: Research by Angus Deaton and Anne Case found especially high rates of overdose among non-college-educated whites in economically disadvantaged regions of the country….Last weekend, the Charleston Gazette-Mail revealed that, over a two-year period, out-of-state drug companies had shipped nearly 9 million hydrocodone pills to a single pharmacy in a West Virginia town with a population of 392 people. ” Read more.

Remember the $50 Stock Club for Artists I started in June? Thanks to the excitement over Team Trump’s deregulation fantasies, the stock market is way up–and the club has seen a 20% increase in our portfolio. Sigh. Listen to a podcast from The Economist about what might happen in 2017. But really, who knows? As we learned in 2016, anyfuckingthing is possible.

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