Laurie Fendrich: How critical thinking sabotages painting

“Painting is a medium in which the mind can actualize itself; it is a medium of thought. Thus painting, like music, tends to become its own content.” — Robert Motherwell Guest contributor Laurie Fendrich / During the two and a half decades I was a full-time painting professor before retiring in 2014, followed by the … read more… “Laurie Fendrich: How critical thinking sabotages painting”


Catalogue essay: Robert Storr on Elena Sisto

UPDATE: On Saturday, April 2, at 2 pm, Elena Sisto and Tom Burckhardt, who has a solo show opening at Gregory Lind in San Fransisco on April 7,  will hold a public conversation at Lori Bookstein. Free and open to the public. Today we are fortunate to have another thoughtful essay from Robert Storr. He … read more… “Catalogue essay: Robert Storr on Elena Sisto”


Quick study

This week we have links to the 2016 Shandaken residents, publication news, Art Basel Hong Kong, the NADA New York roster of exhibitors, the Turner Prize, Greg Allen mischief, recommended reading, an introduction to a new artist’s vlog. First, news from Theodore:Art: The gallery in Bushwick where I recently had a solo show has joined … read more… “Quick study”

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Laurie Sloan: The truth is out there

  When I was invited to curate an exhibition at EBK Gallery in Hartford, I decided to organize a solo show of prints by Laurie Sloan. Sloan, a printmaking professor at the University of Connecticut and founder of Counterproof Press, rarely shows her own work, so I relished the opportunity to rummage through her archive. … read more… “Laurie Sloan: The truth is out there”

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Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town

If you have time to see some exhibitions in New York, here are a few promising shows to check out around town. In case you can’t make it IRL, links to the gallery websites are provided. Image at top: Elena Sisto @Lori Bookstein in Chelsea. Loic Raguénès @ Clearing, Bushwick Brooklyn and Queens (Check for … read more… “Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town”

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Lynne Harlow: Color and light

Lynne Harlow‘s elegant and evocative show at Minus Space is a meditation on the inextricable relationship between color and light. In the ten works on display, Harlow explores pale pink. This is not the generic pastel pink of children’s toys and baby onesies, but rather the specific color that painter Lyonel Feininger created for architect … read more… “Lynne Harlow: Color and light”

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Interview: Crystal “Kitty” Shimski with Dennis Kardon

Guest contributor Crystal “Kitty” Shimski, widely admired in the art community as a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. Kitty usually contributes our Horoscopes, but this month she has submitted an interview with Dennis Kardon, on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Valentine. As always, Kitty’s post has been transcribed by guest … read more… “Interview: Crystal “Kitty” Shimski with Dennis Kardon”

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Interview: Medrie MacPhee in Ridgewood

Medrie MacPhee‘s pensively beautiful paintings first came to my attention at the 2015 American Academy of Arts and Letters Invitational Exhibit. The paintings she had in the show, abstract with architectural references, featured deconstructed pieces of clothing subtly collaged onto the surfaces. MacPhee is a very accomplished artist. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, she earned her … read more… “Interview: Medrie MacPhee in Ridgewood”

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Report: Women Art Critics in the Age of the Internet / Open Studio with Peter Scherrer

On Wednesday evening at Ceres Gallery, I participated in a panel discussion with Jill Conner (art critic, founder of, Amy Lipton (curator, arts writer, co-director, and Kara Rooney (managing art editor of about art criticism in the age of the Internet, with a particular focus on women’s contributions. Artist Susan Grabel organized … read more… “Report: Women Art Critics in the Age of the Internet / Open Studio with Peter Scherrer”

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Art on paper – and in practice

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Like VOLTA, the Art on Paper fair on Pier 36 was a modestly gauged and user-friendly alternative to the massive and unwieldy Armory Fair. It also presented consistently rich work from a geographically and stylistically broad range of galleries. Here are a few eye-catching selections. From the Upper East Side … read more… “Art on paper – and in practice”

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