Images: John Walker

In February 2015, Julian Kramer wrote in Art in America: Walker belongs squarely in the tough-guy visionary camp of postwar British painting, along with paint-splashers and big-tube squeezers like Peter Lanyon and Roger Hilton. Like them, he mixes the coloristic exuberance of School of Paris painting with a Wordsworthian belief in nature’s spiritual power. At … read more… “Images: John Walker”

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Ode to Robert Bordo

Robert Bordo’s easel-sized paintings are prominently featured in “Greater New York,” the big quinquennial exhibition at MoMA PS1. Set aside in their own room, hung on white walls and carefully lit, the paintings walk the lines between painting and drawing, and representation and abstraction. Bardo paints with the improvisational, wet-on-wet brio of a lifelong painter, … read more… “Ode to Robert Bordo”

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Keith Mayerson redux

Keith Mayerson‘s poignant painting compilation “My American Dream” was originally installed in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, and this month Marlborough Chelsea has recreated the massive salon-style painting installation. Last year, Mayerson did an incisive interview with Exhibition A about the project, working with narrative, and the experience of having his work included in the Biennial. … read more… “Keith Mayerson redux”

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Sharon Louden: Animated life

For several years Sharon Louden, who studied painting when she got her MFA at Yale, has been making large-scale, site-specific installations using flexible sheets of shiny aluminum. Her 2013 exhibition at Morgan Lehman featured a few traditional paintings, a projected animation, sculpture made of altered chairs, and an installation fabricated from thin aluminum strips, seemingly … read more… “Sharon Louden: Animated life”


Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I

My favorite artists to follow on Instagram are those who post regularly and whose feeds include more than images of their art work. Photos of other artists’ exhibitions, amusing pictures from daily life (the day job!), documentation of studio progress (and failure), and vacation snaps all reveal what goes on inside an artist’s head–how he/she … read more… “Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I”


Sarah Cain: Super fun and not too complicated

Based in LA, Sarah Cain makes large scale paintings and site-specific installations that focus on love, relationships, and a muscular form of femininity. This fall, CAM Raleigh invited Cain to take over its gallery, and the result is “The Imaginary Architecture of Love,” on view through January 3. For the project, Cain splashed, sprayed, and … read more… “Sarah Cain: Super fun and not too complicated”

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Jack Whitten: Ready-nows

Jack Whitten (b. 1939, Alabama) makes paintings in which paint application, embedded materials, and evocative titles embody narrative–the story of the artist’s life and his times. While I was in Minneapolis a few weeks ago I was delighted to see the excellent retrospective of his work, organized by curator Kathryn Kanjo and first presented at … read more… “Jack Whitten: Ready-nows”

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Marie Thibeault: Powerful forces

In her current exhibition at George Lawson, Marie Thibeault continues her exploration of environment in new large-scale abstractions. When I visited her studio near LA  in 2014, her paintings were informed by unsettling news stories like the revelation that, due to the NSA’s data mining activities, we were living in a surveillance state. In these … read more… “Marie Thibeault: Powerful forces”

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Interview: Alexandria Tarver in Bushwick

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein  / I met Alexandria Tarver at her studio near Broadway in Bushwick. Technically it’s a one bedroom apartment, and the ventilation is a little dubious, but the space is ample. I ate grapes and Alexandria drank a beer while we looked her paintings, most of which hung on the wall, although … read more… “Interview: Alexandria Tarver in Bushwick”

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Pillow Talk: Justin Adian at Skarstedt

Contributed by Kenneth Nicholson / With “Fort Worth,” Justin Adian guides us through a realm of  eye candy: voluptuous mounds of enamel, canvas, and foam. This assembly of sensually charged objects displays Adian’s acute attention to how objects interact, and the ways in which viewers personify them. Pillow-like masses hug the gallery walls at traditional … read more… “Pillow Talk: Justin Adian at Skarstedt”

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