Interview: Jim Gaylord in Clinton Hill

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In 2011, I met Jim Gaylord when he lectured at my university in northern Minnesota, and we’ve kept in touch on and off ever since. His studio was the first I visited after I moved to NYC, and Jim reappeared on my radar recently when I heard he was in … read more… “Interview: Jim Gaylord in Clinton Hill”

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Invitations to upcoming events: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hartford, Greensboro

I have a few upcoming events in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hartford, and Greensboro  that I’d like to tell readers about. I hope you can join me if you are nearby. [Image at top: On view at EBK Gallery in October: Sharon Butler, Cybercave, 2015, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.] On September 30, 6pm, … read more… “Invitations to upcoming events: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hartford, Greensboro”

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IMAGES: Susan Mastrangelo

Born in NYC in 1951, Susan Mastrangelo attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the New York Studio School, and received her MFA from Boston University, where she studied with Philip Guston. After several years assembling hanging installations of two-sided figurative paintings, Mastrangelo has recently returned to wall-mounted work in a series of impressive figurative … read more… “IMAGES: Susan Mastrangelo”


Two Coats of Paint September Resident: Nancy Morrow

This week, Nancy Morrow, an associate professor in the Department of Art at Kansas State University, Manhattan, will be participating in the Two Coats of Paint Residency Program. {Image at top: Nancy Morrow, Offering, 2015.  Sitting in the setup for Painting 1. Working in watercolor, Morrow creates a rich brew of references from Freudian psychology, … read more… “Two Coats of Paint September Resident: Nancy Morrow”

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Anne Neukamp’s elegant nostalgia

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Painters who accept the challenge of trying to assimilate the advance of technology and metamorphosis of visual culture to the traditional canvas deserve applause and admiration – especially when they succeed. Albert Oehlen approaches the task by filling the rectangle with frenetic digital grotesquery that is often audaciously, courageously ugly. … read more… “Anne Neukamp’s elegant nostalgia”

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September 23: A selected list of exhibitions and openings

 Maureen Gallace @ 303 Gallery (Chelsea) The following is a short list of exhibitions and openings, organized by neighborhood, that we think are worth checking out, either IRL or online. Note that the submission guidelines are included at the end of the post. Brooklyn Jared Bark Photobooth Works 1969-1976/ Southfirst / 60 N. 6th / … read more… “September 23: A selected list of exhibitions and openings”

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Interview: Loie Hollowell in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / After I heard that Loie Hollowell had sold out all her paintings shown at the June NEWD Art Show, and would be having a solo show at 106 Green in November, I knew she would busy thinking and painting. I took a long bike ride out to Sunnyside to visit … read more… “Interview: Loie Hollowell in Sunnyside”

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Sharp and sardonic: Peter Saul at the Hall Art Foundation

Guest Contributor Joshua Sevits / The Hall Art Foundation in bucolic Reading, Vermont, is located in a faithfully restored stone farmhouse with three large barns, each of which has been turned into exhibition space. The barns now incongruously house a retrospective of Peter Saul’s Day-Glo paintings of giant combustive genitalia, serpentine poop, and uncompromisingly violent … read more… “Sharp and sardonic: Peter Saul at the Hall Art Foundation”


Art and Film: Alex Ross Perry’s little tyrant artist

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Alex Ross Perry’s gothic, resolutely arthouse chamber piece Queen of Earth is a fascinating study in the ominous subtext of friendship and the diabolical social neediness of even those who claim to hanker a respite from people. Elisabeth Moss immersively plays Catherine, an increasingly unhinged young artist whose best friend … read more… “Art and Film: Alex Ross Perry’s little tyrant artist”

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Your September Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski

Transcribed by guest contributor Jennifer Coates / Kitty divides her time between New York City and Montauk. She is a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. She was recently certified in Trauma Re-alignment and holds a dual Associates Degree in Breath Dancing for Painters and Creative Shock Control from the Online Academy of … read more… “Your September Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski”