Warp and weft: The grid at Mixed Greens

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Mixed Greens’ enterprising group exhibition “Common Thread,” on view through August 28, positions a 1973 Bauhaus grid study by Anni Albers and Ellen Lesperance’s 2009 grid-based gouache deconstruction of her pre-Josef Albers sweater pattern as aesthetic and cultural springboards for work by nine contemporary female artists. Restively contemplating traditional gender … read more… “Warp and weft: The grid at Mixed Greens”

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Albert Oehlen’s genius

If paintings were guests at a dinner party, Albert Oehlen’s would be the most popular raconteurs. Everyone would clamor to sit next to them, leaving the rest of the paintings sulking at the end of the table by themselves. His current exhibition at the New Museum, “Home and Garden,” curated by Massimiliano Gioni, with Gary … read more… “Albert Oehlen’s genius”


Ruth Root’s deep integration

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Ruth Root’s seven striking shaped canvases, on display at Andrew Kreps Gallery in Chelsea and all untitled, might recall Elizabeth Murray’s transcendent household paintings, Hermine Ford’s erudite explorations of nature and artifice, or, more distantly, Kelly and Stella’s hard-edge Minimalist works. Indeed, Root has freely and openly acknowledged her antecedents. … read more… “Ruth Root’s deep integration”

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Seeing black at Brian Morris

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / “Cuts Noon Light,” the challenging three-person exhibition at Brian Morris Gallery on Chrystie Street, gets its title from a Pablo Neruda poem in which those words seem to refer to what a lover does, and especially what is missed when the lover is absent or gone. It’s a powerful if … read more… “Seeing black at Brian Morris”

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William Faulkner on discrepancies and contradictions

As a guest at Yaddo this summer (studio pictured above with work in progress), I have access to a lovely library, which is located in a neo-classical building in the center of the compound. Built in 1910, the stucco-clad structure also houses the residency office and the grounds garage, and features a charming Tuscan colonnade. … read more… “William Faulkner on discrepancies and contradictions”


Your July Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski

Transcribed by guest contributor Jennifer Coates / Kitty divides her time between New York City and Montauk. She is a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. She was recently certified in Trauma Re-alignment and holds a dual Associates Degree in Breath Dancing for Painters and Creative Shock Control from the Online Academy of … read more… “Your July Horoscope! by Crystal “Kitty” Shimski”

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Elizabeth Kley and Conrad Ventur: Improbable harmony at Regina Rex

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / A two-person exhibition involving a couple of clearly kindred artists stands a good chance of being demurely satisfying on account of its agreeable predictability. But one of the features that makes for a truly outstanding show is apparent incongruity that surprisingly yields integration and harmony. Lower East Side gallery Regina … read more… “Elizabeth Kley and Conrad Ventur: Improbable harmony at Regina Rex”

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Punctuation: Derek Bourcier, Robert Medvedz, and Robert Yoder at Planthouse

Without the serial comma – the one inserted before “and” in a list of three or more items – a reader might infer from the sentence “I love my dogs, Elizabeth Murray and Yaddo” that my dogs were named Elizabeth Murray and Yaddo. (I assure you they are not!) But “Serial Comma” is also the … read more… “Punctuation: Derek Bourcier, Robert Medvedz, and Robert Yoder at Planthouse”

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Serious drollery at Asya Geisberg

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Summer group shows are notorious for their looseness, but in “Character Traits” Matthew Craven has managed to curate one at Asya Geisberg Gallery in Chelsea that’s coherent as well as insightful and amusing. Leading off the show with an obscene jolt is Dawn Frasch’s large surreal canvas Pussy Phanatic(pictured above), … read more… “Serious drollery at Asya Geisberg”

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Off to Yaddo

Tomorrow I leave for nearly four weeks at Yaddo, the fabled artists’ community in Saratoga Springs, New York. Twenty-three artists and writers will be in residence at the bucolic 400-acre estate that was founded in 1900 by financier Spencer Trask and his wife Katrina, a poet. [Image: In the garden at Yaddo]  Another view of … read more… “Off to Yaddo”

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