Studio update: Preston Hand Built

Having settled into my new studio at 55 Washington Street in DUMBO, I’ve started a batch of new work, none of which is ready to share yet. Moving from sublet to sublet for the past five years, I’ve come to expect a few unproductive weeks every time I move into a new space, though often … read more… “Studio update: Preston Hand Built”

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Surface prep at Centotto: Dunlap, Mahler, D’Acunto, DaWalt

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / “Something Naught,” the new group show at Centotto, Paul D’Agostino’s redoubtable Bushwick salon, gathers four abstract artists who take very different approaches to resolving surfaces. The fact that surfaces themselves have aesthetic value in paintings sets painting apart from, say, digital work. So deciding how to exploit the surface of … read more… “Surface prep at Centotto: Dunlap, Mahler, D’Acunto, DaWalt”

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Answers to the Spring/Break quiz

One submission to the Spring/Break Quiz included this fantastic jpeg, and the answers have also been added to the original post here. I had a tie: two artists (you know who you are!) submitted all the correct answers. Thanks, everyone for participating.  —— Two Coats of Paint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – … read more… “Answers to the Spring/Break quiz”

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On Kawara: Carpe Diem

  Little about On Kawara’s life is evident from looking at his work. Much of his exhibition at the Guggenheim consists of compilations of journal-like data, which unfold like life itself – one day at a time. [Image at top: “On Kawara—Silence” at the Guggenheim. Installation view. All images courtesy of the museum.] During my … read more… “On Kawara: Carpe Diem”


The Asymmetric Armory Show

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / The Modern section of the Armory Show was like an unruly museum-quality exhibition, showcasing one anointed (and usually dead) artist after another, but in no particular order. If that dispensation fell short of framing the artists’ work as respectfully or systematically as some might have liked, it did make for … read more… “The Asymmetric Armory Show”

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Alien terrain at Storefront Ten Eyck

Guest contributor Peggy Cyphers / “New Narratives,” a large group show of recent representational painting at Storefront Ten Eyck, includes KK Kozik’s Orion’s Belt, an image of a traditional farmhouse, covered in snow and illuminated by a deliciously starry blue-black sky. Kozik is known for creating quasi-surreal scenarios, full of sardonic humor and mystical imagery. … read more… “Alien terrain at Storefront Ten Eyck”

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Political violence and abstraction: Suzanne McClelland

Recalling Warhol’s 13 Most Wanted Men project, which debuted controversially at the 1964 World’s Fair, Suzanne McClelland in “Call With Information,” her latest show at Team Gallery, continues her series about a kindred subject: Americans citizens wanted by the government for domestic terrorism. For the past several years McClelland has been compiling information about seven US … read more… “Political violence and abstraction: Suzanne McClelland”

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Channel surfing with Tomas Vu

I was watching House of Cards last night, Season 3, Episode 3–the one in which the coarse and cagey Russian President Petrov makes a state visit to the White House. At one point (spoiler alert) , before his relationship with the Underwoods goes south, Francis gives Petrov a gift of an exquisite, one-of-a-kind surfboard, telling … read more… “Channel surfing with Tomas Vu”

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Quick study: Mini fair, the Triennial, Saltz gets the boot, Edith Schloss, end of ART BLOG ART BLOG

If you want to support artists but can’t face visiting 199 booths in one go at a mega-fair like the Armory, I recommend stopping by Salon Zürcher on Bleecker Street (image above) where gallerist Gwenolee Zürcher always invites a handful of galleries to mount exhibitions in her space during fair week. This year galleries include Jiali … read more… “Quick study: Mini fair, the Triennial, Saltz gets the boot, Edith Schloss, end of ART BLOG ART BLOG”

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Picks from VOLTA NY, 2015

This year VOLTA has taken up residence at Pier 90, a lovely spot on the Hudson right next to The Armory Show, which sprawls across Piers 92 and 94. A more manageable size than many of the other fairs, VOLTA is selective, and galleries that have been invited to participate present curated exhibitions of single … read more… “Picks from VOLTA NY, 2015”

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