John Yau: “There is a lot of very good painting going on these days”

At  Hyperallergic Weekend, John Yau starts a post about a visit to Louise Belcourt’s Williamsburg studio with a mini-rant about curators, galleries and museums: Despite the hue and cry about zombie formalism, there is a lot of very good painting going on these days. It is just that you haven’t seen much of it in … read more… “John Yau: “There is a lot of very good painting going on these days””


RESIDENCY: Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station Encampment

Regular readers know that I’m a zealous supporter of DIY artist residencies, so I was pleased to see that Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station Encampment is featured on the Art21 website this week as part of their “Exclusive” web series. Zittel, represented by Andrea Rosen in NYC, is known for her Bauhausian conflation of art and … read more… “RESIDENCY: Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station Encampment”

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ON FILM: Art and Fraud

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Art forgery seems especially unsporting and misanthropic as non-violent crimes go, involving as it does the subversion of high culture. For one unknown artist to represent as his own a painting made by another artist would seem a less objectionable transgression than copying a master’s work. But in the circumstances … read more… “ON FILM: Art and Fraud”

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INSTALLATION: Elements @ Minus Space

Mid-size objects and paintings that “investigate primary forms and elementary materials” are having a meaningful conversation at Minus Space this month, and I strongly recommend stopping by and taking a look. A walk around the gallery is required to understand how these forms, full of subtle surface contrasts, interact, but gallery director Matthew Deleget sent … read more… “INSTALLATION: Elements @ Minus Space”

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Present, Past, and Future: Irving Petlin @ Kent Fine Art

Guest contributor Eileen Jeng / The exhibition “The Still Open Case of Irving Petlin: From the Years 1960 to 2012“ at Kent Fine Art comprised a selection of the artist’s paintings and pastel drawings spanning over five decades. After World War II, Petlin moved away from the bold aesthetic sensibilities of the Chicago Imagists and … read more… “Present, Past, and Future: Irving Petlin @ Kent Fine Art”

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In retrospect: Sara Greenberger Rafferty @ Rachel Uffner

Guest contributor Eileen Jeng / Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s exhibition at Rachel Uffner Gallery explored the themes of performance, stand-up comedy, media culture, and gender identity that have preoccupied the artist for almost a decade. With several large-scale wall pieces of irregularly-shaped Plexiglas, screws drilled through acetate into the wall, and a polysilk curtain installation, Rafferty … read more… “In retrospect: Sara Greenberger Rafferty @ Rachel Uffner”

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Last Chance: ZERO countdown

One of my favorite exhibitions of 2014 was “ZERO, Countdown to Tomorrow.” Open through tomorrow, the show features work by European artists who sought to redefine art following Europe’s devastation in World War II–in essence, to start art over in a world that wholesale violence had physically, politically, psychologically, and philosophically transformed. Their experimental approaches … read more… “Last Chance: ZERO countdown”

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Michael Voss: Beyond the absolute

The following is an interesting catalogue essay that critic Carter Ratcliff wrote for Brooklyn painter Michael Voss’s 2014 solo show at George Lawson in San Francisco. Ratcliff rightly suggests that painters aren’t resigning themselves to imperfection, but rather cultivating it. Abstract painting was born from a yearning for absolutes. In 1915 Kazimir Malevich presented his … read more… “Michael Voss: Beyond the absolute”

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Part II: Adira Thekkuveettil and the defaced murals in India

Contributed by Hannah Kennedy, Two Coats Intern /  Adira Thekkuveettil is an emerging photographer working in Gujarat, India, who created “Women on Walls,” a series of photographs inspired by the notorious 2012 Delhi gang rape incident. When she noticed that public murals depicting women that were intended to beautify the city had been defaced, she … read more… “Part II: Adira Thekkuveettil and the defaced murals in India”

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