Installation view: Paintings from Paris

In his final show at 681 Washington Street in the West Village, Peter Makebish has curated “Paintings from Paris,” an eclectic, salon-style, group show of work he loves. The work in the show is wide ranging, from the geometric abstraction of Peter Demos, Teri Hackett and Alika Herreshoff to the oozing materiality of Kim Dorland … read more… “Installation view: Paintings from Paris”

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November 18: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows and events

SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE / November 18, 2014  / Listed south to north. Compiled by artist Andrew Ginzel for his students at the School of Visual Arts. Note: Images have been selected by Two Coats of Paint. [Image: Stuart Shils @ Steven Harvey Fine Art Project] LOWER EAST SIDE Hannah … read more… “November 18: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows and events”

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Snaps: A visit to Maine College of Art

  Readers may have noticed that posting slowed down a little last week. I spent a few days up at the Maine College of Art (known as MECA) in Portland, where I gave a  presentation about my work and enjoyed visiting studios of talented graduate and undergraduate students. Business Insider recently named Portland one of … read more… “Snaps: A visit to Maine College of Art”


News from Philadelphia: Libby Rosof to step back from daily operations at The Art Blog

I received word via email yesterday that Libby Rosof, one of the founding publishers of Philadelphia-based The Art Blog, has retired from daily operations. Rosof and Roberta Fallon started The Art Blog in 2003, four years before I started Two Coats of Paint, back when blogs and bloggers weren’t taken seriously by mainstream media, art … read more… “News from Philadelphia: Libby Rosof to step back from daily operations at The Art Blog”

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Quick study

A Friday reading round-up that includes Art Forum on Mira Dancy and Sarah Peters, ArtNews on the Independent, Roberta Smith on Sharon Horvath, Martha Schwendener on Chris Martin, Raphael Rubinstein on Howardena Pindell, Jillian Steinhauer on Ken Johnson’s controversial Grabner review in the NYTimes, Walter Robinson in conversation with Phong Bui, and young artists as … read more… “Quick study”

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Stay home and work: PAFA introduces a new low residency MFA program

For artists interested in getting an MFA but have circumstances that prevent them from applying to a traditional two-year MFA program, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is initiating a 26-month low residency program. Organizer Astrid Bowlby promises that the program will embrace digital technogy to foster community and dialog among students and faculty during … read more… “Stay home and work: PAFA introduces a new low residency MFA program”

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The James Kalm Report: Painting in Bushwick

“As a longtime practitioner of painting, James Kalm has seen its fortunes rise and fall with the seasons. No sooner than it’s pronounced dead than, some new iteration manifests and the whole debate begins again. Trends like “Zombie Formalism”, “Flipper Art”, “Crap on Crap” and the “New Casualism” have attracted critical attention and even sectors … read more… “The James Kalm Report: Painting in Bushwick”

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Erin Wiersma: What’s left of our lives

What is a line? In poetry, a line is a group of words assembled in a phrase that may or may not have a traditional sentence structure and punctuation. In tenth-grade geometry, we learn that a line is a path between two points. For Erin Wiersma, who has a solo at AIR gallery this month, … read more… “Erin Wiersma: What’s left of our lives”

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Studio update: Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program

I’ll be working in Long Island City for the next few months and then heading back to DUMBO, where I’ve been invited to participate in the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program. Two Trees, a major real estate developer in DUMBO, announced last June that they were planning to help artists and arts organizations stay … read more… “Studio update: Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program”

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Studio visit: Tim McFarlane

Tim McFarlane‘s studio, located in the gallery section of Philadelphia on North 3rd Street, is chock full of new paintings. Represented for many years by Bridgette Mayer, MacFarlane, nearly 50, is best known for colorful, looping abstract forms. In an unexpected departure, the new work expels vivid color and also incorporates floral stencil patterns. This … read more… “Studio visit: Tim McFarlane”