It’s good to be lonely: Jason Tomme at Theodore:Art

Stephanie Theodore gets the prize for press release of the day for her five deceptively simple takes on Jason Tomme’s exhibition. The show is a compelling mix of different media, from wood and stone sculptures and found objects to finely detailed pencil drawings, which I can imagine the artist making alone, in his studio, contemplating … read more… “It’s good to be lonely: Jason Tomme at Theodore:Art”

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Art and Fiction: Donald Antrim’s dark art

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Artists populate a number of Donald Antrim’s ominous short stories. In some, their status as artists makes the story tick. One such story is “The Emerald Light in the Air,” which appeared in the The New Yorker last February and is the title story of his new collection, recently reviewed … read more… “Art and Fiction: Donald Antrim’s dark art”

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Deborah Brown: A Painterly Trajectory

  Matthew Neil Gehring curated an expansive solo show of Deborah Brown’s recent paintings in the Flecker Gallery at Suffolk Community College. With his endearing adverbial swagger, Paul D’Agostino wrote the following catalog essay that considers Brown’s oeuvre from the past 10 years. [Image: Deborah Brown, Sun King, 2014, oil on canvas 70 X 80 … read more… “Deborah Brown: A Painterly Trajectory”

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Invitation: A goodbye party and the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL

The annual DUMBO Arts Festival takes place this coming weekend, Friday, Sept. 26, through Sunday, Sept. 28, which, sadly, will also be my last weekend in the neighborhood. [Image at top: A snap from my first week in the studio back in June] Please stop by our open studio reception at 68 Jay Street, Studio … read more… “Invitation: A goodbye party and the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL”

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Tamsin Doherty asks “What is a creative life?”

In the September issue of The Brooklyn Rail, Tamsin Doherty contributed a book review of Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, a book of 40 artists’ essays (one of which I wrote) edited by artist Sharon Louden. The book has been widely praised as a resource for young artists and a pep talk for older … read more… “Tamsin Doherty asks “What is a creative life?””


Perfection: Tomma Abts and Helene Appel

Is perfection making a comeback? In exhibitions at David Zwirner and James Cohan, Tomma Abts (b. Germany 1967) and Helene Appel (b. Germany 1976) certainly make a case that focus and exactitude are still meaningful approaches. [Image: Tomma Abts @ David Zwirner]  Helen Appel painting @ James Cohan A notoriously slow painter, Abts is having … read more… “Perfection: Tomma Abts and Helene Appel”

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Eric Wesley’s daily status updates

I like reading other people’s diaries, especially artists, and so naturally I was drawn to Eric Wesley’s new work at Bortolami. The show features paintings of his daily progress status reports–a combination of to-do lists and daily calendar entries. [Image at top: Eric Wesley, slideshow of paintings in the show at Bortolami]  The faint DPS … read more… “Eric Wesley’s daily status updates”

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Cheat sheet: Recommended shows

Traditionally, the fall season, following the summer doldrums, is the time for audacious exhibitions that garner attention and big crowds. This fall is no exception, but some smaller exhibitions look promising, too. Here are a few I’m looking forward to seeing (and some I’m participating in), listed in chronological order. [Image above: Ralph Fasenella @ … read more… “Cheat sheet: Recommended shows”

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The New Museum’s “Here and Elsewhere:” Arab artists’ grim pride of place

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / The New Museum’s abundant exhibition of Arab art “Here and Elsewhere,” named for and inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s searching 1976 documentary, suggests that Middle Eastern artists in some ways have an advantage over others. Conflict and repression are so deeply embedded in their experience that they could fairly be held … read more… “The New Museum’s “Here and Elsewhere:” Arab artists’ grim pride of place”

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