Quick study: Greg Allen's @TheRealHennessy tweet paintings, MESS, working conditions, more

Greg Allen is making paintings again, and this time he’s painting them himself. According to AnimalNY, Artist, critic and our go-to appropriation expert Greg Allen has turned joke tweets by artist Jayson Musson (and sometimes internet art critic “Hennessy Youngman”) into paintings. Jokes such as, “I think Moby is on the N train rn but you just can’t go … read more… “Quick study: Greg Allen's @TheRealHennessy tweet paintings, MESS,
working conditions, more”

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Food and beverage art: Coates, FOODshed, Honeycutt, Beavers, and more

In the early 1990s, Rikrit Tiravanija began organizing exhibitions around cooking Thai food. A practitioner of what ultimately came to be known as Relational Aesthetics, Tiravanija was interested in the social interaction that revolved around cooking and eating. Today, artists are more likely to be thinking about our complex relationship with food itself–how we produce … read more… “Food and beverage art: Coates, FOODshed, Honeycutt, Beavers, and more”

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On FILM: Richard Linklater’s school of life

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Richard Linklater’s acclaimed movie Boyhood is as good as advertised – a forceful and mesmerizing story about growing up in America. Perhaps not incidentally, the movie also shows how an eventful and emotionally challenging childhood might yield an artist. The story focuses on Mason, played by the remarkable Ellar Coltrane. … read more… “On FILM: Richard Linklater’s school of life”

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EMAIL: Mike Cloud’s shopping list

I recently received an announcement for “Bad Faith and Universal Technique,” Mike Cloud’s September solo show at Thomas Erben Gallery. Cloud, born in 1974 in Chicago, graduated from Yale MFA in 2003 and is an assistant professor at Brooklyn College. I have met him at the BC final critiques, where he has a gentle and … read more… “EMAIL: Mike Cloud’s shopping list”

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Snaps from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Last week I went to Philadelphia to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where I’ll be teaching an MFA Seminar and serving as a Visiting Critic this fall. Program director and painter Clint Jukkala gave me a tour of the school facilities and the museum, and it was a grand one indeed. [Image: Ashley … read more… “Snaps from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts”

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Otto Piene is dead

 According to BBC News, Otto Piene died on Thursday, shortly after the opening of an exhibition of his work at Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. He died in a taxi en route to the exhibition where he was working on “More Sky,”  a sky art event that is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Here’s a statement I … read more… “Otto Piene is dead”

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Art and Fiction: Rachel Kushner’s molten optimism

Guest contributor Jonathan Stevenson / The view that the 1970s were culturally under-appreciated is now so firmly entrenched that they no longer are. With respect to the New York art world, Rachel Kushner’s audacious novel The Flamethrowers, set in 1975, amplifies the point by linking that percolating milieu with the full-boil political scene in Europe, … read more… “Art and Fiction: Rachel Kushner’s molten optimism”

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Roberta Smith on "current painting tactics"

In her NYTimes review of Daniel Heidkamp’s show at White Columns, Roberta Smith articulates one of the problems she sees with contemporary painting: that artists are playing it too safe. [Image at top: Daniel Heidkamp ] She writes: The three main shows at White Columns form a meditation on current painting tactics. In one small … read more… “Roberta Smith on "current painting tactics"”


Recommended: Summer Group Shows

I love spending summers in NYC. For artists who stick around and work in their studios during July and August,  NYC is one big art party, featuring a slew of group shows, each with openings, closings and often other events in between. Since list-maker Andrew Ginzel is on hiatus until September, I put together this … read more… “Recommended: Summer Group Shows”

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KIPPLE: First-rate intelligence proliferating in Dublin

Philip K. Dick coined the term “kipple” in his 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to describe the insidious proliferation of man-made trash like junk mail and gum wrappers. In their exhibition at the National College of Art and Design Gallery in Dublin, artists Natasha Conway, Daniel Jackman, Eveleen Murphy, Andrew Simpson, and … read more… “KIPPLE: First-rate intelligence proliferating in Dublin”

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