New art jargon: Overculture

From the press release for William Powhida’s second solo show at Postmasters (pictured above): Overculture 1: (noun) 1.a small cultural group (artists) within the larger culture, often affirming the beliefs or interests of the ruling class (collectors). “The two parties thus engage in an uneasy courtship around unspoken divisions and unacknowledged aspirations, where each seeks … read more… “New art jargon: Overculture”

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Update: Moving day

Readers may remember the old studio updates I used to post from an attic in southeastern Connecticut…? For the past two years, I rented the house to a British couple who have finally returned to England. Now I’m in the process of relocating two year’s worth of paintings and projects, which I’ve had stashed in … read more… “Update: Moving day”


Rebecca Morgan: Country girl

After earning an MFA at Pratt, unlike many new grads who set up studios in Brooklyn, Rebecca Morgan returned to central Pennsylvania to paint. Back in Appalachia, where drawing skill and porcelaine figurines are especially cherished, Morgan has incorporated these forms into resonant paintings that can hold their own both for a sophisticated New York … read more… “Rebecca Morgan: Country girl”

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Leslie Wayne: Absorbed and wiped out

In the last few years, much has been made of hybrid paintings that re-purpose canvas and stretcher bars to create sculptural objects. In her solo at Jack Shainman, Leslie Wayne takes a brilliant tangent, presenting small-scale objects made from oil-paint skins that she folds to look like cloths. In the exhibition’s catalogue, critic David Pagel … read more… “Leslie Wayne: Absorbed and wiped out”


Quick study: Pocket Utopia / Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden merger

At Art Fag City Corinna Kirsch let the cat out of the bag reported that Austin Thomas is closing Pocket Utopia on Henry Street at the end of April and merging with Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden. The idea is to combine artist rosters at the HGPG Chelsea location, where Austin will join forces with … read more… “Quick study: Pocket Utopia / Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden merger”

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March 20: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows and events

SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE / March 20, 2014  / Listed south to north. Compiled by artist Andrew Ginzel for his students at the School of Visual Arts. Note: Images have been selected by Two Coats of Paint.  Joanne Greenbaum @ Uffner LOWER EAST SIDE Keltie Ferris / Chapter NY / … read more… “March 20: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows and events”

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ON FILM: Wes Anderson’s big picture

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / Art – especially painting – is an honored cinematic metaphor for culture, particularly as a symbol of civilization under siege. Movies like John Frankenheimer’s somberly gripping The Train (1964) and this year’s less successful The Monuments Men have cast the rescue of art from the ravages of war and the … read more… “ON FILM: Wes Anderson’s big picture”

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Heads and tails: The figure @ Volta

At Volta, the small art fair affiliated with the much larger annual Armory Show, galleries presented a curated exhibition featuring a single artist. I saw an unusual amount of figuration, much of which was highly skilled, bordering on illustration. Although some of the work was more painterly, I wondered if symbolism and narrative were on … read more… “Heads and tails: The figure @ Volta”

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These threads are queer

“Let the threads be articulate.” – Anni Albers Guest Contributor Clarity Haynes / The wall text at the portal to the exhibition “Queer Threads,” currently at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Manhattan, bluntly states, “Is this work ‘gay?’ You bet.” The show, with its confluence of queer and feminist sensibilities, is the perfect subversive, fuzzy, neon, … read more… “These threads are queer”

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Loren Munk’s world view

We are all in the process of spinning invisible webs, tied together by geography, ideas, cyber connections, and imagery. In “You Are Here,” Loren Munk again presents a thought-provoking group of intricate map paintings that illuminate an intimate yet sweeping inter-generational New York art world. Munk’s spirited and inevitably subjective work reinforces the notion that … read more… “Loren Munk’s world view”

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