Quick Study: Melissa Meyer, Llewyn Davis, forgery and Casualism at The Art Blog

  UPCOMING: Melissa Meyer @ Lennon Weinberg, Chelsea, New York, NY. Opens Thursday, January 9, 6-8 pm. (Image above: Melissa Meyer, Shuffle, 2013, 16 x 16 inches.) Catalog preview here. —— Film Pick: Don’t miss Joel and Ethan Coen’s new movie Inside Llewyn Davis, easily one of the best recent movies about being an artist. … read more… “Quick Study: Melissa Meyer, Llewyn Davis, forgery and Casualism at The Art Blog”

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Pop quiz: Madonna and child

Which artists painted these images of the Madonna and child? When and where (what country) were they painted? Correct answers will be announced as soon as we have a winner. Please email answers to twoccoatsofpaint@gmail.com with “Pop Quiz” in the subject area. Good luck!  Image 1  Image 2  Image 3  Image 4  Image 5 UPDATE: … read more… “Pop quiz: Madonna and child”

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Günther Förg’s late work

German painter Günther Förg died this week, at 61, of cancer. Bruce Weber writes in the NYTimes: Günther Förg, a German painter, sculptor and photographer whose work exemplified, toyed with, tweaked and commented on — sometimes all at once — the broad artistic movement known as modernism, died at his home in Freiburg, Germany, on … read more… “Günther Förg’s late work”

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Michael Krebber update

One of the best things about subletting other people’s studios is being surrounded by unexpected  things–books, postcards, odd materials and so forth. I recently moved into a new place in Williamsburg, near the Graham Avenue stop on the L train, and happened upon a trove of back issues of ArtForum. I borrowed one for subway … read more… “Michael Krebber update”


Walter Swennen: Belgian funny

Recently transplanted to Belgium after spending ten years in LA, our friend at Frenchy But Chic! reports that there are a few Belgian painters worth checking out besides Tuymans and Borremans, particularly Walter Swennen, who is currently having a retrospective at the Wiels: Forget everything you might have read about Luc Tuymans or Michaël Borremans, … read more… “Walter Swennen: Belgian funny”

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Woot: Two Coats of Paint wins a 2013 CC/Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Grant

What an unexpected and gratifying development! I send a heartfelt “Thank you” to all the panelists and evaluators who read through more than 600 applications and found Two Coats of Paint worthy of support. The grant will enable me to cut back a little bit on teaching so that I can spend more time crafting … read more… “Woot: Two Coats of Paint wins a 2013 CC/Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Grant”


Process, time, memory: Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson

Traditionally, artists paint on pre-woven canvas or linen, but Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson, pictured above in her studio, subverts that tradition. She begins by painting individual silk threads and then weaves the threads into the support surface, creating large-scale, ethereal, landscape paintings in the process. Referencing the mountain landscape of her native Iceland, particularly Vatnajökull, Iceland’s … read more… “Process, time, memory: Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson”

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Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.

Guest contributor: Mary Addison Hackett Let me tell you about my boat. Sunday 12:35 pm. I’m sitting on a shuttle patiently waiting to go to Miami Projects. It’s air-conditioned. A catchy pop version of Deck the Halls is being piped in. There’s wi-fi. Conceivably, I could spend the day here. Given traffic, I might. I … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.”


Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel

Guest Contributor: Mary Addison Hackett / Turns out tweeting, texting, shooting work and seeing the art, was more complex than I thought. After catching a cab from the airport and having the cab driver stop on the freeway to call her husband for directions, we shuttled over to Basel for an obligatory overview. I intended … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel”

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Quick Study: Turner Prize, Miami, Zwirner, and, yes, surfing

In line with recent custom, the one painter shortlisted for the Turner Prize–Lynette Yiadom-Boakye–was passed over. Via NYTimes: “The artist Laure Prouvost, whose works combine whimsical objects and drawings in evocative settings with an Instagram-like stream of film images, has won this year’s Turner Prize, the prestigious and often contentious annual award for a British … read more… “Quick Study: Turner Prize, Miami, Zwirner, and, yes, surfing”

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