A Day for Detroit: Tyree Guyton in the Detroit Institute of Art collection

Tyree Guyton, Untitled, late 20th century, 43 x 25 x 5 inches. Detroit Instutute of Art, Gift of Cristina A. and Dirk S. Denison in memory of Mary Moore Denison.

From the Detroit artist’s website:
“Primarily a painter and sculptor, Tyree Guyton has also been described as an urban environmental artist. He has waged a personal war on urban blight on Detroit’s East Side, transforming his neighborhood into a living indoor/outdoor art gallery. Through his art, Guyton has drawn attention to the plight of Detroit’s forgotten neighborhoods and spurred discussion and action.

‘When you come to the Heidelberg Project, I want you to think—really think! My art is a medicine for the community. You can’t heal the land until you heal the minds of the people,’ “

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