Quick study: Bushwick, Venice, Hong Kong

The seventh annual Bushwick Open Studios takes place next weekend, May 31-June 2! Thousands of artists will be participating, and a quick search of the website uncovers more than 365 painting shows. Help support the event by buying a copy of Loren Munk’s Bushwick print (pictured above) at Supreme Digital.  And keep in mind that … read more… “Quick study: Bushwick, Venice, Hong Kong”

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Tracey Emin: More lovely than lame

Best known for “My Bed,” a 1998 installation featuring her personal effects (like stained underwear)  which earned her a nomination for the 1999 Turner Prize, Tracey Emin, now 50 and a Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy in London, is sort of respectable. This month Lehmann Maupin has mounted Emin exhibitions in their two … read more… “Tracey Emin: More lovely than lame”


Don’t kill Bill: Powhida at Charlie James in LA

The crudely amped-up art market built by the likes of Gagosian, Zwirner, and the auction houses has overwhelmed critical dialogue. But are they the only culprits? In “Bill by Bill” a solo exhibition at Charlie James Gallery, William Powhida blames artists themselves–Hirst, Richter, Koons, Guyton, and uber-artist wannabes–for their self-defeating complicity in a woefully corrupt … read more… “Don’t kill Bill: Powhida at Charlie James in LA”


A Day in New York: Jenny Zoe Casey

Running into local friends at openings isn’t that unusual, but every now and then I see Jenny Zoe Casey, the artist who organized and invited me to speak at TEDxOrlando a few years ago, visiting New York all the way from Florida. She was in town for the day (!) and so I invited her … read more… “A Day in New York: Jenny Zoe Casey”

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EMAIL: Rebecca Morris on that pink painting at Frieze

Curious about her odd, uncharacteristic pink painting (image above) on display at Frieze last week, I wrote LA artist Rebecca Morris and asked her about it.  Here’s what she told me: “Thanks for asking about that painting! It was nice for me to have it up at the fair. It is a little bit older– … read more… “EMAIL: Rebecca Morris on that pink painting at Frieze”

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CURATE: The tired and poor at Frieze

If I were going to curate a show of painting-objects, without a doubt the exhibition would include a section on rumpled, badly stretched, and lumpy canvas. In the following pieces, all on display at Frieze last week, wrinkled, sagging materials function as object, image and metaphor. Once dubbed “Neo Brut,” Rosy Keyser’s work combines cast … read more… “CURATE: The tired and poor at Frieze”


Frieze: Unprimed immediacy

Since the early days of Color Field painting, working on unprimed canvas or linen has given the  impression of a certain unfinished immediacy–more like the page of a sketchbook than a finished painting. At Frieze this weekend, unprimed materials (or the look of unprimed materials) were well represented, suggesting that painters are still interested in … read more… “Frieze: Unprimed immediacy”


Surprise appearance at Frieze: Bernard Piffaretti

At Frieze New York yesterday, in the densely hung Galerie Frank Elbaz booth, I stumbled upon two fantastic paintings by  Bernard Piffaretti, a French abstract painter who wasn’t included in Frieze’s  list of participating artists. Readers may recall that in 2010 Piffaretti (b. 1955) was included in “Le Tableau,” a group show of French post-war … read more… “Surprise appearance at Frieze: Bernard Piffaretti”


SNAPS: Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Open Studios

Originally in Tribeca and now located in DUMBO, the Marie Walsh Sharpe Studio Program has been granting free studio space to visual artists since 1991. Phong Bui, Rochelle Feinstein, Chris Martin, Harriet Shorr and Don Voisine selected the sixteen 2013 residents from more than 1000 applicants. Last week I stopped by their spring Open Studios, … read more… “SNAPS: Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Open Studios”


SNAPS: Open Studios at ISCP

Founded in 1994, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in East Williamsburg is a residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators. Although many of the artists’ practices comprise performative, installation, photography, bookmaking, and video projects, a few of the current residents are painters. Here are some snaps I took at … read more… “SNAPS: Open Studios at ISCP”

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