Medium unspecificity prevails

For artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Claude Viallat, Elizabeth Murray, Blinky Palermo, Rochelle Feinstein, and Michael Venezia, painting has arguably been about the object more than about the image, and in the past decade or so, a slew of artists working with found materials, furniture, lumber, and more have adopted a painting-as-object, amalgamated approach to art … read more… “Medium unspecificity prevails”


2013: Neo-Neo-Expressionism?

In Art in America this month Raphael Rubinstein, after reading issues of AiA from thirty years ago, considers the fate of Neo-Expressionism, a movement popular in the 1980s championed by painters such as Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, Francesco Clemente, Markus Lüpertz, and Julian Schnabel that was ultimately overshadowed by the more cerebral work created by … read more… “2013: Neo-Neo-Expressionism?”

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Julian Kreimer: Recognizable and contemplative

A few weeks ago I saw “Coming and Going,” Julian Kreimer’s absorbing exhibition at WEEKNIGHTS, a small gallery Jen Hitchings opened in Bushwick back in August and, according to her website, is soon “transitioning into a slightly newer gallery, with more space and a new staff.” The following week, while teaching at Purchase College (where … read more… “Julian Kreimer: Recognizable and contemplative”


Painting of the Day: Jason Karolak

At McKenzie Fine Art through March 10:  Jason Karolak. Above: Untitled (P-1004), 2010, oil on linen, 14 x 12 inches. Karolak has two types of paintings in the show, big ones with brightly colored geometric wire-like frames floating on black backgrounds and charming small ones like the densely painted beauty pictured above. ——- Subscribe to … read more… “Painting of the Day: Jason Karolak”

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Giacometti in Bushwick: “Art, reality and the myth of life became one”

Norte Maar director Jason Andrew recently curated “Giacometti and a selection of contemporary drawings,” an exhibition that links contemporary drawing with the work of Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). In his statement for the show, Andrew writes that Giacometti holds a special place in the history of 20th Century art. Any encounter with a work by Giacometti … read more… “Giacometti in Bushwick: “Art, reality and the myth of life became one””

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AdventureLand: A new artist-run space in Chicago

If you’re in Chicago, please stop by AdventureLand, the new exhibition space organized by Tony Fitzpatrick in conjunction with Firecat Projects. In keeping with Fitzpatrick’s belief that artists, not the market, should drive the bus, Adventureland will focus on connecting young and underknown artists with Chicago art patrons and the wider art community. Hear, hear. … read more… “AdventureLand: A new artist-run space in Chicago”


The last week: Precisionist Casual at Pocket Utopia, Kate Wadkins on ‘zines

“Precisionist Casual,” my solo show at Austin Thomas’s Pocket Utopia, is on view through Sunday, Februaray 17, so please stop by and have a look if you haven’t already. On Sunday, concluding the events organized in conjunction with the exhibition (thanks Raphael Rubinstein for an excellent presentation on poetry and Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy … read more… “The last week: Precisionist Casual at Pocket Utopia, Kate Wadkins on ‘zines”

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Free and Open to the Public: ARTspace events at the 2013 CAA Annual Conference

ARTspace, a conference within the College Art Association Annual Conference, is tailored to the interests and needs of studio artists, and, unlike the traditional conference panels, it’s is free and open to the public. Organized by the Services to Artists Committee (I’m a member) ARTspace includes panel discussions, a Media Lounge, artist interviews, and an … read more… “Free and Open to the Public: ARTspace events at the 2013 CAA Annual Conference”

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EMAIL: Austin Thomas in residence at Brooks School

This week, in conjunction with “Collage Insights,” a solo exhibition of collages, sketchbooks and never-before-shown source photographs, galler-artist Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia was the Artist-in-Residence at Brooks School, a 9-12 grade college prep in North Andover, Massachusetts. With Amy Graham, the art department chair and director of the Lehman Art Center, Thomas worked with … read more… “EMAIL: Austin Thomas in residence at Brooks School”

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Snow day paintings: Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson (Canada, 1877-1917) worked as a commercial artist and then a painter and wilderness guide in Northern Ontario. According to the National Gallery of Canada’s website, Thomson sketched mostly in the spring or summer, wintering in Toronto where he worked his sketches up into larger canvases. By late 1915, Thomson’s approach to landscape painting … read more… “Snow day paintings: Tom Thomson”