Painter Tatiana Berg’s picks from Art Basel Miami Beach, 2012, Part I

It’s here! And it’s huge. Art Basel Miami is too big for any comprehensible survey, so instead here are some personal highlights and completely subjective, biased favorites. As much as there is to complain about art fairs they remain a pretty efficient way to see a ton of work all at once, before you fill … read more… “Painter Tatiana Berg’s picks from Art Basel Miami Beach, 2012, Part I”

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Tatiana Berg reports from the satellite fairs, Part II

There’s more satellite fairs in Miami than ever, and while I missed out on a bunch this year the ones I made it to had strong showings of younger, fresher work. It helped that both NADA and Untitled were held right alongside the beach with gorgeous views and forgiving lighting, but these two fairs stand … read more… “Tatiana Berg reports from the satellite fairs, Part II”

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Looking back: Precisionism, Part I

Back in the 1920s during the early days of industrialization, the Precisionists were drawn to the welded geometric forms of steel mills, bridges, water towers, smoke stacks, factory complexes, and coal mines. Influenced by photographers Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Imogen Cunningham, and borrowing freely from Cubism and Futurism, American artists such as Charles Sheeler, … read more… “Looking back: Precisionism, Part I”

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TONIGHT: GO Town Hall at the Brooklyn Museum

I’ve been invited by the organizers of the Brooklyn Museum’s  GO community-curated open studio project to participate in a public conversation, sort of a debriefing. The museum’s chief curator Kevin Staytonis will be moderating, and we’ll be discussing the museum’s role in, and responsibility to, the community, as well as the competition aspect of the … read more… “TONIGHT: GO Town Hall at the Brooklyn Museum”

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Seriously, what are Carroll Dunham’s paintings about?

December 5, 2012 / A couple years ago in the LA Times, art critic David Pagel wrote that Carroll Dunham’s paintings of women were “vulgar beyond belief…offensive, demeaning and disgusting, as well as mean-spirited, malicious and horrific…bordering on vicious.” In short, Pagel declared, they were the best paintings of Dunham’s career. In his new exhibition … read more… “Seriously, what are Carroll Dunham’s paintings about?”


New artist-run salon and exhibition space opens in Brooklyn: S.S. Champlain

  Inspired by Gertrude Stein, Florine Stettheimer and others who hosted historic art salons, Suzy Spence has created S.S. Champlain in her sleek Brooklyn apartment (pictured at right). Named for the steamship that Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas took from New York to Europe after Stein’s American book tour, S.S. Champlain presents new work … read more… “New artist-run salon and exhibition space opens in Brooklyn: S.S. Champlain”


The 4th Annual Degenerate Craft Fair!

Sure December means a trip to Miami for a certain segment of the art world, but December also means it’s time for the amazing Degenerate Craft Fair. Created by artists for artists, this is the place to find unique gifts for your quirky loved ones. Fifty artists will be selling handmade arts and crafts, and … read more… “The 4th Annual Degenerate Craft Fair!”

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Umarmung or marsha’s two ways: Joan Waltemath @ Pulse

If you’re in Miami, check out Joan Waltemath’s paintings at Elizabeth Leach’s booth in Pulse. Readers might remember that Waltemath and I wrote about a studio visit exchange last year. Director of MICA’s Hoffberger School of Painting, Waltemath makes sublime abstract paintings using hand-ground pigments and minerals on aluminum panels. The subtlety of the surfaces, … read more… “Umarmung or marsha’s two ways: Joan Waltemath @ Pulse”

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Quote of the day: Vintage Eric Fischl

“Every day there’s the technical side of the discipline and there are good days and then bad days where the painting is giving me resistance and I don’t know how to paint anymore. But there’s also the emotional side of the work, the psychological side where you go in and explore feelings and relationships and … read more… “Quote of the day: Vintage Eric Fischl”

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Post-apocalyptic aesthetic: Q&A with Matthew William Robinson

JOE BUN KEO:  In your work, complexes and structures break down and deconstruct. You speak of the post-industrial, instability and man’s imposition on the natural landscape with high-rises, beams, and girders. Mixed media and collage seems like a natural way to present these images. With that said there is an uncertainty, skepticism, an implied challenge … read more… “Post-apocalyptic aesthetic: Q&A with Matthew William Robinson”