EMAIL: Art Basel Miami Beach edition

Artist Tony Fitzpatrick, whose work will be on view in the Pierogi section at SEVEN, wins the prize for the most amusing Miami press release. Here it is in it’s entirety: — Hey– I’m going to Miami next week….I’m not fond of Art Fairs– but bidness is bidness……this one is for Art Basel/Miami…and I mean … read more… “EMAIL: Art Basel Miami Beach edition”

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House party: Q&A with Derrick Quevedo

JOE BUN KEO: Color is an unspoken language, and your work reflects that you’re fluent in it. Can you compare the power of color and shape to that of written and spoken language or overt imagery? DERRICK QUEVEDO: There are musical intervals that affect us for one reason or another. They are not tied to … read more… “House party: Q&A with Derrick Quevedo”


Analia Sabon: Slight traumas

In the November issue of ArtForum, Charles Marshall Schultz reviews “Gag,” LA artist Analia Saban’s first New York solo show, which was at Tanya Bonakdar in October. Saban’s work is grounded in sensual characteristics of tactility and weight, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that her subject matter often relates directly to the body. In one piece, … read more… “Analia Sabon: Slight traumas”

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Quick study: Forgotten, lost, missed, and sincere

 At Bomblog George Negroponte writes about William Baziotes, an AbEx painter whose work, although included in most major museum collections in his lifetime, is not as well known as that of his contemporaries. “So where is Baziotes in our consciousness today, nearly 50 years after his untimely death and on the centennial of his birth … read more… “Quick study: Forgotten, lost, missed, and sincere”

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Walk through: Rosemarie Trockel at New Museum

Thanks to artist Brece Honeycutt, who visited the Rosemarie Trockel show at the New Museum earlier this month and has shared the following report. —- Occupying three floors of the New Museum, Rosemarie Trockel’s exhibition “A Cosmos” is one of the most surreal and earthy exhibitions currently on view in New York. Wandering from floor … read more… “Walk through: Rosemarie Trockel at New Museum”

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We never know what we don’t know: Q&A with Joyce Conlon

JOE BUN KEO: Your work is about accumulation and peeling away, the creation of a visual trail. I love the reference to palimpsest. It’s archival. It’s archaeology. What’s your reaction to the idea that you’re creating your own history within your work? JOYCE CONLON: Great question! I spent time working as an archeologist. I am … read more… “We never know what we don’t know: Q&A with Joyce Conlon”


Humor vs. irony

Blogging at the NYTimes last week, Princeton French prof Christy Wampole, assailing the hipster mentality, suggested that our culture needs to move beyond irony. Moving away from the ironic involves saying what you mean, meaning what you say and considering seriousness and forthrightness as expressive possibilities, despite the inherent risks. It means undertaking the cultivation … read more… “Humor vs. irony”


” A painting is worth looking at when I feel an intense curiosity about every decision that has gone into its making.”

At The Silo Raphael Rubinstein writes about Shirley Jaffe’s paintings. “While so many contemporary works of art seem to develop through closing off choices or sticking to a initial plan, Jaffe proceeds by keeping every option open until the last possible moment. And even once the painting is finished, a sense of dizzying complexity and … read more… “” A painting is worth looking at when I feel an intense curiosity about every decision that has gone into its making.””


Chicago’s Midway Art Fair: A model for fostering art communities?

Still in its honeymoon phase, Chicago’s Midway Art Fair (MDW) – a collaborative effort between Public Media Institute (PMI), Document, Roots & Culture, and threewalls – showcases alternative spaces and independent artist-run collaborations. Earlier this month,  Mana Contemporary, hosted MDW in their converted warehouse space, with nearly 75 organizations participating, including 20 publications and a … read more… “Chicago’s Midway Art Fair: A model for fostering art communities?”


Artists as curators: Brooke Moyse

Continuing the “Artists as Curators” series this week, let’s look at “The escape from the banal of everyday life to the world of the ideal,” an exhibition at NURTUREart curated by Brooke Moyse, a Brooklyn-based abstract painter known for vivid color and casual landscape imagery. Moyse begins her essay, which seems like it could be … read more… “Artists as curators: Brooke Moyse”

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