Gone Wrong

And now, a shameless plug for my show at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut, which is up through November 29, 2012. Visually, my new work is rooted in the world nearby – specifically, the idiosyncratic HVAC structures, cement-mixing machines, jerry-built sheds, and improvised building additions that surround my Bushwick studio. A minimalist sensibility resists … read more… “Gone Wrong”

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Artist Interview: Beena Azeem

Joe Bun Keo: Beena, I’ve known you for a few years now. You have a background in the medical field, and you are currently the recipient of Trinity College’s Fifth Year Fellowship.  From your experiences growing up in an Asian family and the presumed strictness of such, what were the trials and tribulations of venturing … read more… “Artist Interview: Beena Azeem”

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5 Questions for Nathan Lewis

This week Two Coats of Paint asked figurative painter Nathan Lewis five questions via email. Lewis’s show, “Reading the Ruins,” is on view at A-Space near New Haven, Connecticut, through this Saturday. Here is our exchange. 1. There’s quote that I truly love and your work reminds me of it: “…to make a palace an … read more… “5 Questions for Nathan Lewis”


Community collectives at MOCA Detroit

“Vision in a Cornfield” is a large scale site-specific installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, fashioned through the collaborative efforts of Destroy All Monsters, a former Detroit art rock band, and collectives Ogun and Apetechnology. A handful of junkyard cars are displayed among freestanding cornstalks and piles of dirt, as well as hanging … read more… “Community collectives at MOCA Detroit”

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Top ten artists announced by Brooklyn Museum GO

This just in from the Brooklyn Museum GO team: “After approximately 147,000 studio visits to 1,708 artists, and then 9,457 nominations, we have our top ten nominated artists. We are pleased to have such a mix of artists represented in this group, including painters, illustrators, sculptors, and installation artists. Painting clearly ruled with seven of … read more… “Top ten artists announced by Brooklyn Museum GO”


Edouard Manet: Portraying Life

By Marie Julio Sixty miles south of Detroit rests its twin, of sorts, not normally thought of as an art and design hub: Toledo.However, in two weeks, the first exhibition of Édouard Manet’s work to specifically focus on portraiture as a means to understand his wider subject matter – 19th Century French life – will … read more… “Edouard Manet: Portraying Life”


Last chance: Yayoi Kusama’s beautiful, fashionable, madness

By Samuel Jablon Don’t miss Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Whitney, up until September 30, in all its beautiful, fashionable, madness. Born in Japan in 1929, Kusama moved to the states in 1957, then returned to Japan in the early 1970’s. Everywhere, nowhere, and all over, Kusama’s work–current, hip, creepy, and playful all at once–includes … read more… “Last chance: Yayoi Kusama’s beautiful, fashionable, madness”

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Mark Dagley: One Man Punk Band

By Nick Stolle Walking into Mark Dagley’s “Structural Solutions” at Minus Space  is like accidentally wandering into the middle of a peculiar standoff. Three strong, distinct energies surround you, pushing and pulling, bandying you about. To your right a hulking, sharp figure, smartly outfitted in what Niele Toroni might refer to as a Red red … read more… “Mark Dagley: One Man Punk Band”

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Slick digital in Wendy White’s new work

Checking out galleries this weekend, I was surprised to see that Wendy White, who has a solo at Leo Koenig this month, is incorporating digital images in her new work. Best known for large, handmade spray-painted constructions that combine stylized text and (sometimes) athletic equipment, White’s new work features fabricated panels printed with digital images … read more… “Slick digital in Wendy White’s new work”

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The brash poetry of Asger Jorn

By Nick Stolle In 1964, after being notified of his selection as the winner of the Guggenheim International Award, Asger Jorn sent the following telegram to Harry Guggenheim: ‘GO TO HELL WITH YOUR MONEY BASTARD –STOP- REFUSE PRICE –STOP- NEVER ASKED FOR IT –STOP- AGAINST ALL DECENCY MIX ARTIST AGAINST HIS WILL IN YOUR PUBLICITY … read more… “The brash poetry of Asger Jorn”