Quick Study: Philosophy, Politics, Mexico, Brutalism and more

It’s August, everyone is on vacation, so I’ll keep it short with a few recent links from the Two Coats Twitter Feed:

Tim, Pocket Utopia’s new gallerino and a philosophy Ph.D candidate,will be behind the desk today and says he’s open to any wide-ranging philosophy discussion at lunch. Check out his latest reading list. //

Word crazy? Maybe. My favorite Tumblr is produced by The Paris Review. //

My Iverson 10-speed, er, I mean 5-speed (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the front derailleur broke), is featured at Totebag Reviews, Kyle Chaykas new Tumblr that, strangely, focuses on artworld totebags.  OK, I’m like a stage mother: I submitted the photograph. //

I’m not sure why this May 2009 post about artworld gender-bias has made it onto the Two Coats of Paint “Most Popular” list, but yesterday it suddenly appeared: //

Interesting take on Brutalist architecture. Author Thomas de Monchaux calls Paul Rudolph’s New Haven a “landscape of moody cement,” says Brutalist architects of British public housing Alison and Peter Smithson are “Yin to the Eames’ Yang, an eternally rainy Britain to their perpetually sunny California.” Always challenging, Brutalism is misunderstood.  (via C-Monster) //

Amazing work: At The Silo Raphael Rubinstein blogs about Nahum Tevet’s complex sculptural-painting installations (pictured above). “Breaking, undramatically yet definitively with the ‘truth to materials’ that was the rule for most Minimalist and Post-Minimalist sculpture, Tevet opens the path that will lead him, eventually to the complex sculptural-painting installations that constitute his major achievement…” Image at top: Tevet’s 2008 installation at the Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art in Israel.//

Great to see old colleague Mariana Aquirre blogging at Art21. As Blogger-in-Residence Aquirre writes about art in Mexico, including three artists under forty and the the Taller Mexicano de Gobelinos, a tapestry workshop in Guadalajara. //

Politics: At The Atlantic, national correspondent Peter Fallows suggests that, after “a disastrous trip abroad,” it might be time to ask if Romney lack basic political skills. //

Anaba goes to NADA Hudson and takes some good snaps. Thanks Martin! (ps I always thought you were Buck Naked) //

Dogs in Art: “Your dog is a blank canvas.” (As are small children–although the older they get, the more they complain. I would add a picture of my daughter doing goofy things when she was younger, but she wouldn’t like it. So here’s a picture from the Tumblr of one of my dogs thinking about art.) //

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Giovanni Garcia-Fenech tweets: Awesome advice from
to young Texan artists (which non-status quo New Yorkers would be wise to heed)” //

 JOB: Part time temporary special events coordinator needed at Greenwich Historical Society in CT//

“Lose a kidney in a knife fight. You’ll be glad you did.” Check out Colson Whitehead’s “Rules for Writing”  // 


Image at top: Nahum Tevet’s 2008 installation at the Herzeliya Museum for Contemporary Art in Israel. Courtesy of the artists website.


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